How to Get Sponsored in Disc Golf (Step-by-Step)

Sponsored Professional Disc Golfers Drew Gibson and James Proctor

One of the dreams of many disc golfers is to become a professional and get paid to play disc golf. A handful of the top disc golfers have even signed contracts recently that made them quite rich. Below that level are scores of disc golfers who make enough money that they can support themselves on tour. With the rise in popularity of disc golf recently, companies are selling enough discs that they can afford to sponsor a lot of players at levels that would make disc golfers of 25 years ago very envious. It is a good time to be a professional disc golfer.

Even if we don’t achieve the status of touring pro, it is still nice when we can get sponsored and get some help with the expenses of disc golf, such as discs, accessories, or even tournament fees. There are different levels of sponsorship that are available to professional and amateur disc golfers. We will look at the different levels of sponsorship available, and talk about how to get sponsored in disc golf.


When Paul McBeth signed his 10-year, $10 million contract with Discraft a couple years ago, it represented a whole new level of disc golf sponsorship. Since then, a couple other top pros have signed huge contracts that should leave them set for life. Although these dollar amounts are miles above what most touring pros will ever make, they show what companies are willing to spend to have someone represent their brand.

Taking a step down to reality for a majority of the top professionals we see that most of the top sponsored players can still make enough money from their sponsor to make disc golf their sole source of income. In addition to a yearly salary, all of the big names in our sport also have signature discs from the manufacturer they represent. They get a cut of all the sales, so they are motivated to encourage their fans to purchase a disc.

At the next level down, sponsors still pay a monthly amount, but it isn’t something that will make a player rich. It will keep them on tour, but they might have to seek out other sources of income, such as selling their own merchandise, selling signature discs, offering clinics, etc. Some of these players have the opportunity to get sponsorship from several different brands (for example, pros sponsored by Infinite Discs can also be sponsored by other brands like Thought Space Athletics or Clash Discs). Which combined give them a good living.

While the above examples of sponsorship are pretty much reserved for professional disc golfers, it also possible to get sponsored as an amateur player. These sponsorships are typically either vouchers or discs and merchandise. How much product you get depends on what level sponsorship you get qualified for. Companies have upper-level sponsorship, such as Elite teams, and lower-level sponsorship, such as Ambassador or Street teams. The higher the team, the more stuff you get. And the more expectations the company will have for the player.


Discraft Sponsored Female player

What Are The Sponsors Expectations

Any business that wants to thrive must get the word out about their products or services. Disc golf brands are no different. The bottom line for any level of sponsorship is that the person being sponsored agrees to promote the sponsor. The higher the level, the more the expectations. Let’s look at some of the expectations.

Grow The Brand

If a disc golf company sponsors a player, they expect the player to promote the brand by throwing their discs and wearing apparel with their logo on it. You need to demonstrate your value to your sponsor! They expect you to post on social media about their brand and speak highly of it when talking about brands. The more active you are in disc golf, the more exposure their brand will get. Always be looking for tournaments and leagues to attend. They also expect you to hold yourself to high standards on and off the course:

  • Be Professional Even if you are an amateur, you are expected to behave in a professional manner while playing disc golf. Know and follow the rules, refrain from drinking or drugs on the course, remain calm when frustrated or upset with your play, and dressing and appearing professional while playing are all examples of exhibiting the behavior you are expected to uphold.
  • Be Friendly – Make sure your interactions with other players, tournament staff and volunteers, and spectators are always positive and friendly. Even if you aren’t the outgoing social type, a smile can let people know you’re having a good time. Compliment your card mates for a good shot. A ‘thank you’ to volunteers and staff is memorable and will make you, and the brand you represent, look good.
  • Grow The Sport – When you introduce someone new to disc golf, you can also give some great exposure to the brand you represent. You can achieve that goal by running a clinic or keeping a few discs on hand to give to new players or kids who are out with their parents. Depending on the situation, you could offer some disc golf advice to someone who might need some help.
  • Utilize Social Media – Like it or not, the internet and social media is how we communicate and get our news. We can follow players or have people follow us. Use those tools to your advantage to promote the branWhen you get an allotment of discs or merchandise, record the unboxing and get excited about the contents. You can then do a follow-up video when you do some fieldwork with the discs. Later, you could even do a long-term video after you’ve been throwing them for a while. Make it fun and interesting so you can begin to get a following. The number of followers weighs heavily on the decisions of sponsors when they are deciding who to add to the team. Depending on your level of immersion in social media, you might have to establish an new account on the popular outlets. TikTok, Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube, and Instagram are all common social media apps that you should consider getting utilizing. You could spread your posts around on different ones so you don’t have to hit every one for every event that you post about.
  • Improve Your Disc Golf Skills – Working hard to get better will mean getting better tournament finishes and even more exposure. Especially if you are competing in higher-tier tournaments. Disc golf companies value good performance and recognize when someone is giving them good exposure. The more they see you getting their name out there, the better chances you have of continuing the sponsorship and even moving up to better levels. That is why Simon Lizotte, one of the most popular players in disc golf, is earning over $1,000,000 annually from his MVP Sponsorship.
  • Fulfill The Requirements Established by Your Sponsor – Make sure you understand the expectations of your sponsor so you can meet them. This might mean making social media posts mentioning your brand when new products are being released, or posting about your tournament results. Or just regular posts where you mention the brand. You will likely be expected to wear their logo on hats or shirts. You can improve your chances of getting future sponsorships by exceeding their expectations. Look for creative ways you can promote them and their products.

Garret Gurthie Sponsors on Jersey

Specific Sponsorships Players Can Pursue

The most well-known sponsoring companies for disc golf  are disc golf manufacturers. These are Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs,  Infinite Discs, Latitude 64, MVP, and Prodigy Discs. I will now explain a little bit more about the different criteria these companies use when sponsoring players and what they typically offer their sponsored athletes.


Innova stands as the preeminent force in the disc golf industry, a status achieved through its steadfast commitment to innovation and continuous support of the community. This leading position is further bolstered by their comprehensive roster of sponsored athletes, each of whom proudly represents Team Innova. Team Innova places a significant emphasis on triumph and excellence, valuing the association with champions and top performers in the sport. To secure a sponsorship from Innova, the most effective strategy is to consistently secure victories, particularly in high-profile events that capture global attention. Innova is selective in its sponsorship offerings, focusing on athletes who demonstrate exceptional skill and achievement.

Networking also plays a crucial role in gaining visibility with Team Innova. One of the more feasible paths to sponsorship involves leveraging connections within the disc golf community, particularly with those who are already sponsored by Innova. Gaining a recommendation or referral from an existing Team Innova player can be an invaluable step towards getting noticed by the company. This approach underscores the importance of not only excelling in the sport but also building and maintaining strong relationships within the disc golf community, as these connections can often open doors to opportunities that might otherwise be inaccessible.
Innova Sponsorship is heavily based on winning bonuses. If you win events, Innova will provide big rewards and incentives.


Discraft sponsorship is all about promoting the sport. Their sponsorship options focus on Tournament, Club, and Pro Player sponsorship. This means that they prefer highly skilled players. For years Discraft was very conservative with their sponsorship, allowing their top players to get picked up by Prodigy Disc and other up and coming brands. That all changed in 2018 when Discraft Invested big in Paul McBeth offering the first million dollar contract in disc golf. This sponsorship paid off as the then #1 player in all of disc golf turned eye balls and made people look towards a brand that seemed forgotten. Now Discraft arguably has the biggest and best professional team on tour with some fo the best MPO and FPO players. While Discraft has their Elite touring team, they also have options for the less dominating players through their Underground team.

Discraft Underground is a program aimed at engaging disc sports enthusiasts in promoting disc golf and ultimate frisbee. It offers a platform for passionate fans to create and share content like review videos and social media posts, enhancing the sport’s visibility. This initiative not only highlights Discraft’s dedication to growing the disc sports community but also connects individuals with similar interests, making it an attractive option for avid fans looking to actively contribute to the sport’s popularity.

Discraft sponsorship heavily relies on the sales of Tour Series discs.

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs is known for its generosity in providing sponsorship opportunities. They were one of the first disc golf companies to offer professional athletes regular monthly stipends – rather than just bonuses for winning. The company actively seeks not just top-tier athletes but also players who enthusiastically contribute to the disc golf community. A key aspect of Dynamic Discs‘ strategy involves leveraging their professional players for content creation and marketing purposes. These pros often feature prominently in promotional materials, particularly in the launch and marketing of new products. In 2021, Dynamic Discs made a significant investment in professional disc golfers Ricky Wysocki and Kona Panis, offering them substantial contracts.

However, it seems that these contracts may have been overestimated in terms of cost-effectiveness, leading to current efforts by Dynamic Discs to scale back their professional team size.

For amateur and everyday players, there’s the opportunity to join Team Trilogy. While the benefits offered by Team Trilogy might be more limited compared to professional sponsorships, the platform is inclusive and open to anyone willing to exclusively use discs from Dynamic, Latitude, and Westside Discs. This initiative allows a broader range of players to be associated with the brand, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity within the sport.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs revolutionized the sponsorship landscape in disc golf with their innovative approach of offering “open bag” sponsorships. This unique model allows players the freedom to use discs from any brand of their choosing. This strategy is particularly appealing to established professionals like Drew Gibson and Eric Oakley, who have not only carved out a name for themselves in the sport but also view their brand and image from a business-oriented perspective.
By adopting this approach, Infinite Discs caters to players who want to leverage their personal brand assets beyond the traditional player-sponsor relationship. This flexibility enables athletes to make choices that align with their playing preferences and personal brand strategies, offering them a more entrepreneurial and business-savvy approach to sponsorship. It’s a significant shift from the conventional sponsorship models, which often require players to use the sponsoring brand’s equipment exclusively, thus positioning Infinite Discs as a forward-thinking and player-centric company in the disc golf world.

A player can apply to be part of Team Infinite by completing their application form. The application period is November 15th-December 15th each year with new team members being announced at the beginning of the new year. The requirements for sponsorship include participating in at least 12 disc golf events annually, an updated Infinite Profile, and interacting with their social media pages.


MVP Disc Sports has a distinctive approach to their sponsorship program, focusing on a blend of competitive excellence and content creation. Their sponsorship program, known as Team MVP, is designed for disc golfers who are not only skilled in tournament play but also active in media creation and technique instruction. Team MVP is an officially endorsed group of ambassadors for MVP Disc Sports, and they value individuals who can positively influence the disc golf world and wish to represent MVP in a meaningful way.

The signing of Simon Lizotte to MVP Disc Sports was a significant move for the company. Lizotte, known for his impressive performances and fan-favorite status, brought a high level of visibility and prestige to the brand. His ability to engage with the disc golf community through social media and his personal brand aligns well with MVP’s focus on leveraging professional players for brand promotion and content creation. The deal with Lizotte marked a notable expansion in MVP’s sponsorship strategy, emphasizing the importance of aligning with top-tier athletes who can bring both skill and a substantial following to the brand. This strategy not only enhances the company’s market presence but also solidifies its position as a key player in the professional disc golf sponsorship arena.

Prodigy Disc

In 2012, Prodigy Disc significantly altered the landscape of professional disc golf sponsorships with their groundbreaking approach. They offered players not just traditional sponsorships but also ownership stakes in the newly established company. Prior to this, most disc golf sponsorships were primarily based on performance bonuses for tournament wins or reimbursements for tournament fees. Prodigy’s strategy of signing many top disc golf pros was a game-changer, prompting other companies to realize the need to enhance their sponsorship offerings. This realization led to more comprehensive packages, including monthly stipends and guaranteed income, to attract and retain professional disc golf talent.

Prodigy continues to focus on nurturing top young talent and boasts some of the most promising young professionals in the sport. Their sponsorship model includes guaranteed funds and heavily relies on the sale of each pro’s unique signature discs. These discs feature distinctive mold designs, created in collaboration with the individual professionals, and are manufactured at Prodigy’s facility in China. This approach not only provides financial support to the athletes but also contributes to building their personal brands within the disc golf community.
Every Day Player getting sponsored in disc golf

Disc Golf Sponsorship for Players Without Pro Talent

While the big brands are only looking for big names to sponsor, there are companies that will… well, pretty much take anyone who applies. These are the easiest disc golf companies to get “sponsored” by.

Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs offers the easiest disc golf sponsorship to obtain, as literally anyone can join Team Doomsday by simply purchasing a team kit. This approach is uniquely laid-back, emphasizing enjoyment and a playful, apocalyptic theme rather than strict performance metrics or brand exclusivity. Members choose a thematic “Team Doomsday Handle,” which also serves as a discount code for future purchases and sharing with friends. The team’s philosophy is relaxed about using discs from different brands, focusing instead on personal preference and preparation for a whimsical end-of-the-world scenario. This thematic and inclusive approach makes Team Doomsday distinct in the disc golf sponsorship landscape.

Lone Star Discs

Team Lone Star Disc, offers sponsorships focusing on individuals passionate about disc golf and community engagement, rather than solely on competitive performance. Their unique approach values positive promotion of the sport and the brand, with sponsorship levels varying based on skill and social media influence. Joining the team means becoming part of a close-knit family, with access to a private Facebook group for networking with team members and company insiders, and exclusive previews of upcoming products. Lone Star Disc places high expectations on its team members to represent both the sport and the brand positively, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the company’s success and that of its team members. Players who join Team Lone Star are required to throw Lone Star Discs. They receive free discs and discounts on direct purchases as part of their team membership.

Team Trilogy

Team Trilogy is an informal group organized to promote Trilogy Discs. This isn’t really a sponsorship, but more of a community of disc golf enthusiasts committed to supporting: Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. To join this group, members must adhere to three requirements: exclusively use discs from the aforementioned brands during PDGA Sanctioned competitions, maintain a current PDGA membership, and embody a positive role model both on and off the course. While Team Trilogy does not offer typical sponsorships or financial benefits such as paying for tournament entry fees or providing free gear, the primary benefit of joining lies in being part of a supportive, family-oriented disc golf community. This community focuses on promoting the sport globally and fostering connections among those who are dedicated to these brands.

Wild Discs

Team Wild Discs offers a unique sponsorship approach in disc golf, focusing on players who embody the brand’s values rather than just their rankings. The program is divided into four categories: AIR for social media-active newcomers, EARTH for community-engaged players, WATER for advanced, brand-promoting players, and the upcoming FIRE category. Requirements across categories include owning Wild Discs products, active community involvement, and social media engagement. Team Wild Discs emphasizes a positive attitude, love for nature, and professional conduct, offering perks like exclusive discounts, input on brand decisions, and access to special products and announcements.

Local Disc Golf Retailers

If you have a local disc golf shop near you, be sure to reach out to them. Local disc golf stores regularly sponsor a team of players by giving them free apparel and discounted products.



Securing a major disc golf sponsorship requires significant effort and dedication.

Players need to fully commit to the sport and excel in it if they hope to reap the benefits of sponsorship. In essence, immersing oneself in the sport and going the extra mile is key to obtaining a sponsorship in disc golf. Additionally, some sponsoring companies expect their ambassadors to contribute something extra to the brand they represent. However, for those aspiring to join a disc golf team, companies like Doomsday Discs are available, making the initiation of your disc golf sponsorship journey relatively straightforward.

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