Favorite Fairway Drivers

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 11:48 pm

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One of our goals here at Discount Disc Golf is to make things easy for you, to help you understand the terminology of disc golf, and to shop easily. We have a page of all our fairway drivers and midranges. Feel free to check them out for yourself, there are a lot of good options available.

There are a lot of good fairway drivers out there. They’re probably my favorite type of disc as well. They’re “easy” for me to throw, I get good distance with them, and I have decent control over them. Some of my favorite control drivers are the Teebird, Dynasty, and the Pekapeka.

Innova Teebird – Fairway Driver

Blue Innova Champion Teebird - A disc golf fairway driversThe Teebird is probably my favorite disc of all time, and it’s got some great reviews at Infinite Discs. I first started throwing it in Charlotte, NC, I loved watching it fly through those tight fairways. Its flight is just so good for me, its speed and stability are a perfect fit for me also. It’s stable enough for me to throw straight finishing with a healthy fade. I am able to throw this for some decent distance as well. It is for sure a go-to disc that I always come back to. Other discs try to take its place, but they never last quite as long as my Teebirds do.

I generally use this disc for decent distance and something that will finish to the left, or right. Here in Utah, I can use this on a lot of holes, as a majority of holes are 300-400′ and fairly open. This is quite the reliable mold for me, I can trust it to pretty much always fly the same . For me, this disc does exactly what Innova says it should do, and I don’t overly exert myself throwing it. This is why I love the Teebird so much.

I recommend this disc the most.

Infinite Discs Dynasty – Fairway Driver

Infinite Discs Dynasty Golf Disc in red - Midranges disc golf discThis is basically my go-to distance driver. The Dynasty is there for me if I need something that will provide me the most distance, I reach for this disc. The fact that I can see some late high speed turn during the flight of this disc makes me happy. I can even hyzer-flip this disc, or make it into a turnover throw – with some fade back. Throwing this mold is another one of those discs that just clicks with me. It’s like a natural extension of myself.

My favorite thing about this mold is that it is overstable to stable for me. I can more so control the flight of this disc without it getting out of control. If I need to, I can get this to turnover, and I can trust it to come out of it. Sometimes the stability is a little too much, as it’ll come out of the turn sooner than I would hope. But overall, it is a pleasing disc to throw. Something that just jives with me.

As a favorite disc of mine, I recommend it a lot to individuals.

RPM Discs Pekapeka – Fairway Drivers

RPM Discs Pekapeka in Yellow - Fairway Drivers Disc golf discThrowing the Pekapeka is a lot of fun. This is an understable disc, allowing me to do some big turnovers and a few roller attempts. I use this disc if I want something to keep the turnover line. It is reliable in the sense that it does like to turn. And for the slot that this disc fits in, that is exactly what I need. It is easy to throw and get some turn out of it. RPM’s description of this disc is an excellent fit for what this disc does.

It is another disc that just suits my throwing style nicely. I don’t have to try so hard on this disc to get it to do what I want it to do. And because of that, I love it! `I’ve had a lot of success throwing this for turnover throws, both small turnovers and large turnovers. I’ve enjoyed throwing this disc as a roller also, its pretty good at rolling for me. I think that this disc works well as an entry disc to higher speed discs, and as a teacher for turnovers and rollers. All because of its understability, it’ll help the beginner learn how to throw faster discs. And it can help the beginner learn how to throw turnovers and rollers.

I love this disc, and you should give it a try.

In conclusion, what should you get?

Our handpicked selection of fairway drivers  including the Teebird, Dynasty, and Pekapeka, offers disc golfers a versatile range of options for distance, control, and enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these discs can elevate your game. Explore our complete collection and find the perfect disc to improve your disc golf experience today.