Bulk Disc Golf Discs – Buy in Bulk and Save Big!

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Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 02:04 pm

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At Discount Disc Golf, we pride ourselves on offering affordable discs with the lowest prices available. But did you know that you can save even more by purchasing disc golf discs in bulk?

We offer an array of incredible bulk sets that allow you to save up to an additional 50% when you buy the minimum quantity required. For many of our brand sets, purchasing just four discs qualifies you for these additional bulk savings.

Here are a few highlights of our bulk set options:

Not So Mystery Set

Not So Mystery Bulk Disc Golf SetWith the Not So Mystery Set, you essentially create your own 7-disc bulk savings box. Choose from a selection of clearance-priced discs across categories, including putters, mid-range, understable drivers, and fairway drivers, to select exactly the discs you want for your custom 7-disc set. This option is currently our most affordable, offering an additional 50% off our already lowest internet prices. Depending on your selection, you can get a seven-disc set for as little as $23!

Putter Palooza Pack

Putter Bulk PackWhether you’re searching for the perfect putter, already have a favorite and simply want multiples for practice, or need inexpensive putters for a youth group or putting league, the Putter Palooza Pack is ideal for you. Choose from a variety of disc golf putters from several brands in different plastics and receive an additional 25% off the individual low prices.

Driver Discovery Bundle

Driver Bulk Bundle PackDesigned for new disc golfers seeking to find perfect drivers for greater distance and control, the Driver Discovery Bundle offers substantial savings. Drivers, being the most commonly purchased and easily lost or worn discs, are essential. Select at least seven drivers from our discounted selection and receive an additional 30% off, making this the most affordable way to explore new disc golf drivers.

Bulk Savings Packs

Build your own bulk savings 18 disc packIf you’re looking for a broad selection from the hundreds of disc molds available at Discount Disc Golf, our Build Your Own disc golf bulk savings packs are for you. The more discs you purchase, the more you save. We currently offer three different packs, starting with savings on just five discs. Whether you’re looking to fill your entire bag or acquire numerous discs for fieldwork practice or sharing with friends, our 18-disc Build Your Own Bulk Set offers an additional 30% off.

Brand Selection Packs

With a wide range of excellent disc golf brands available, we’ve tailored brand-specific bulk packs for all the brands we carry. Savings percentages vary based on the policies of these companies, our purchase costs, and our stock surplus. This is the best way to explore new brands. You only need to add four discs to these bulk sets to enjoy massive savings. Discover great brands like Divergent, Clash, and Yikun today.

Regardless of your disc golf needs, our bulk savings packs offer the best way to acquire high-quality, low-cost disc golf discs. Shop now!