Yikun Disc Golf offers an impressive selection of disc golf putters, ranking among the best on the market.

Their range includes traditional putter shapes and styles, with varieties that are both beaded and beadless. Yikun also provides an array of putters, from tall and thin to some very unique models that could be just what your putting game needs to improve.

Yikun excels in producing high-quality putter plastics, identical to those used by Discmania in their Active line. Their putter plastic is notably tacky, providing good control for a consistent release.

Ordinary Putters

Yikun Yi Eco Friendly PutterLet’s first discuss what I refer to as “ordinary” Yikun putters.

Beaded Putters

The Yikun X-Ing is akin to a Latitude 64 Dagger Clone. It’s an ultra-tall Yikun putter with a large bead. The Dagger, developed by professional disc golfer and world champion David Feldberg, was the putter Ricky Wysocki used to win two World Championships. While Ricky and Dave Feldberg used the Dagger, the Xing, with its ultra-deep design, is virtually identical.

Beadless Putter

Yikun Yi – The Yikun Yi is a solid, neutral disc golf putter with a boxy feel and straight flight. Often compared to the popular Latitude 64 Pure, the Yi is the ideal standard putter within the Yikun line.

Yikun Ling – The Ling putter, very understable and excellent for beginners, shines in short, straight flights and holds an anhyzer line well on approach shots. It also features a unique textured rim.

Fu Sang – The Fu Sang, probably the most ordinary putter in Yikun’s lineup, stands out due to its availability only in premium plastics. This makes it a durable throwing putter, similar to the popular Infinite Discs Alpaca and Discmania P2 putters.

Very Unique Putters

Yikun Hammer Unique PuttterIf you’ve yet to find a putter that suits you, Yikun offers several unique options.

Claws – The Claws is a distinctive disc, blending elements of the Innova Polecat and Sonic. Its boxy straight edge and Thumb Track might be the solution you’re looking for.

Hammer – The Hammer, an overstable putt and approach disc, is known for its unique dented thumb track, aiding in grip and release. It’s a favorite among many and is Yikun’s top-selling approach disc.

Meteor Hammer – Renowned for its straight flight, the Meteor Hammer is part of Yikun’s Tortoise line, featuring a softer rim and a stiffer flight plate, akin to Ultimate Frisbee plastics.

Yikun Gui – The Gui is a relatively standard putter with a flat top and slightly overstable flight. Its unique feature is the textured bottom flight plate, similar to the Ling.

Shop Yikun Putters for Sale

Yikun Discs offers a diverse and enjoyable range of disc golf putters. Many are also available in putter packs, making it easy to buy multiples, and are among the most affordable on the market. Explore our selection of Yikun Putters here.