The Best Cheap Disc Golf Discs for 2023

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Today, we will review some of the best cheap disc golf discs every disc golfer can use in the game. The pandemic has increased inflation, making prices go up for a lot of thins. And that includes disc golf discs and other disc golf accessories.

However, there are still cheap disc golf discs that anyone can purchase without spending too much money. We have done our research and gathered information related to the pricing of every disc in the market. From there, we listed the cheapest disc golf discs to serve as a guide to all disc golfers.

Best Cheap Disc Golf Disc Reivews

1. XCOM Bennu

xcom bennu

If you are looking for an affordable putter for newbies and experienced players, this putter from XCOM is an excellent option for you. It is one of the best inexpensive putters you can find in the market, offering comfort and straight-flying properties.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its physical attributes. Its low-profile and beadless rim is perfect for new players and experienced players alike. These features will provide a smooth release and a great in-hand feel during the throw.

In terms of stability, this disc is understable, meaning it barely fades, which makes it perfect to be used as a starter putter disc. I believe that makes for an excellent putter for a new disc golfer.

Another feature that stands out is its design. This beadless putter is not your deepest putter but also not the shallowest. Based on experience, a putter disc with these physical attributes also works excellent not only for putting but also for approach shots.

The face plate is flat, but it also comes with a gradual curve making it more interesting to throw. The blend of the plastic also looks good. You will feel a combination of mildly grippy and enough stiffness.

I also like that the base plastic feels very nice when you hold it. I can say that it is not as sticky as the other base plastics. Once it gets dirty, the smoothness should increase and allow you to have an excellent grip. However, this is still a base plastic that lacks durability.

  • With a low-profile and beadless rim, which is perfect for beginners
  • Provides a smooth release and feels good in the hands
  • Understable with straight-flying properties
  • The plastic is not as sticky compared to others
  • Provides excellent grip
  • Lacks durability

This disc is an excellent choice if you are looking for affordability and quality at the same time. At Discount Disc Golf, we ensure that we are offering the best cheap disc golf discs but still has the quality to ensure that every disc golfer can get an inexpensive and reliable plastic for their use.

2. Yikun Xing

yikun xing

The Xing is all about comfort during the throw. This disc is a beaded putter that is built for putting accuracy. This disc usually results in a stable flight while allowing straight throws or putts.

If you are fan of buying disc golf discs in bulk, this disc can be bought in 10-packs. Which provides great value, as you’ll get each disc for less than if you were to buy them all individually. In general, Yikun golf discs are just less expensive than any of the name brands.

But what is unique about this product is its excellent feel in your hands. It combines the grippiness and stiffness of some of the top putters in the industry while also having the needed flex to build confidence in catching the chains better with lesser spit outs.

In terms of its flight character, this disc glides for a long time. It can be comparable to some of the best classic putters as it will glide for days. You will need to adjust your putting power to match its glide. Definitely, this disc is perfect for spin putters.

Meanwhile, I am also impressed with the shape of the rim. It feels good and will provide a lot of confidence in making putts and in approach shots. Overall, it is a solid putter disc where the plastic feels great and it is relatively durable.

  • Built to provide a comfortable grip
  • True to its flight rating
  • Combines grippines and stiffness to create confidence in the throw
  • Taller with a deep rim
  • Ability to glide for a more extended period
  • The rim is too deep for small hands

Overall, this product is a solid putter. This disc is highly recommended for any disc golfer who likes throwing beaded putters. If you are looking for a disc that combines affordability and quality for a putter, this disc is an excellent option.

3. Prodigy P Model S Putter

prodigy p model s putter

If you are looking for a putter that provides a lot of glide with a straight flight and a nice fade, the Prodigy Basegrip P Model S is an excellent option for you. This putter disc will be perfect for draining long putts and can also be used on approach shots.

One of the upsides in using this product is the excellent feel and comfort it brings to the disc golfer. The flight plate of this disc is very flat while the shoulder is very close to the rim. Add that to the shallow rim profile, and you will have a disc that feels good and comfortable in hand.

In terms of its physical structure, this disc has a slim profile and a small bead design that allows for a comfortable grip during the throw. The nose of the disc has enough size and a flattened design to give the index finger an excellent resting place.

For its flight characteristics, this disc flies straight, which is excellent. If you apply more power, the disc will eventually pick up and fly very much straight while turning a little bit to the right with a slight fade towards the end of the flight.

This product also uses BaseGrip, which has more durability compared to the other normal base plastic. This plastic is more grippy and is very consistent regardless of the disc golf course’s heat and humidity.

  • Shallow rim profile provides comfort to the hands
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Built with a flat top to allow a super clean release
  • Provides a comfortable grip regardless of weather condition
  • Ability to hold the line
  • The disc feels very shallow

If you are looking for the cheapest disc golf disc online, this putter disc from Ace Line is an excellent option for you. It’s affordable but also provides quality and provides performance. The plastic holds very well while providing an excellent grip on the hands.

4. Divergent Discs Nuno

divergent discs nuno

The Nuno by Divergent Discs is one of those putters that is very fun to use on the disc golf course. This product is more stable than its rating indicates. Also, the disc is made not only for newbies but for experienced disc golfers as well.

The primary purpose of this disc putter is to provide a great feel in the hands, which can result in an excellent flight after the throw. Putting is also about confidence, and using this disc will make sure that you have enough confidence to make your putts.

In terms of its physical structure, you will find this disc on the softer side. Personally, I like how it feels in the hands as the lightness gives me the ability for longer putts. I also feel that the lightness of the disc makes it perfect for people who are just starting.

For its flight characteristics, I can say that this disc is an excellent driving putter. This disc will provide enough stability that will allow for a powerful throw. You can throw the disc without flipping too much, and the reliable fade towards the end is an excellent bonus.

Physically, this disc is beadless and has a semi-deep rim. It is built with a mild dome to fit well in the hands of the player. The beadless and semi-deep rim attributes are also an excellent fit in throwing controlled approach shots.

  • Provides excellent flight path with tons of glide
  • Made for longer putts
  • With mild dome to fit well in the hand
  • Provides exceptional feel and comfort in the hands
  • Provides perfect stable flight with a gradual fade
  • It may not be suitable for heavy usage

If you are one of those disc golfers looking for the cheapest disc on some of the best disc golf websites, you can consider this disc from Divergent. This putter is one of the best this company has to offer. The quality and its reliability make this disc usable to anyone.

5. Infinite Discs Chariot

infinite discs chariot

The Chariot is an excellent midrange disc for any disc golfer looking for affordability and quality at the same time. This disc is awesome in terms of giving a premium feel but having one of the cheapest prices you can find for a good plastic that lasts.

This disc uses an affordable plastic called I-Blend, which provides an excellent feel to the hand and a superb glide during the flight. This type of plastic provides a grippier and softer feel but also comes with good durability.

With its physical attributes, this midrange disc is a little bit on the flatter side. If you like small rims for a midrange, this disc should be the right one for your hands. I also like the microbead that comes with this disc as it provides additional comfort in your hands.

I feel that this disc feels as what most of the midranges should feel like in the hand. It comes with a very nice medium-sized rim that fits in the hands very well. When you feel comfortable, it will give you more confidence during the throw.

In terms of its flight, this midrange disc will fly very straight in most conditions and can handle the winds pretty well. This disc is very forgiving when it comes to angle control and comes with an excellent glide.

When you throw this disc hard, it will show some turn and a little bit of fade. When you throw it a little softer, it will have a good fade out of the throw. Overall, this is truly an all-around midrange that provides enough stability to allow more power.

  • Provides excellent feel and incredible glide
  • Built to be beginner-friendly
  • Soft and grippy to provide comfort in the hands
  • Built with a microbead to enhance comfort
  • Ability to handle the wind pretty well
  • Flashing on the disc

This disc golf disc from Infinite disc is one of those midranges you can purchase at Discount Disc Golf’s Store if you are looking for a premium but affordable disc. The comfort it gives to the player and its excellent flight characteristics will help bring out the best to anyone on the disc golf course.

6. Divergent Discs Kapre

divergent discs kapre

The Kapre is a type of midrange disc which is built to be used for both experienced and new disc golf practitioners. This disc has stability and features that can help any disc golfer on the course regardless of skill level.

One of the outstanding features of this midrange disc is its excellent flight path. This disc is a straight-flyer which provides excellent accuracy on the disc golf course. The best thing about this disc is that most anyone can control this disc, especially within very narrow gaps and tunnel shots.

Physically, this midrange comes in a wide diameter with softer and bouncier attributes. It also comes with an exceptional grip to give confidence to the player before the throw. If you want a great feeling midrange at an affordable price, the Kapre is an excellent choice.

It also comes with a slight dome to it. As I have said earlier, it flies very straight with minimal fade. Throwing it at lower speeds will also get you a slow-speed fade. Otherwise, you will also get a very moderate forward pushing fade.

This midrange is very friendly for beginners and will be useful as the player improves and progresses in the days to come. Moreover, regardless of your skill sets, this disc will work out for you just fine.

  • It is stable enough for all skill levels
  • Straight flying feature and moderate forward pushing fade
  • Provides exceptional grip to enhance the thrower’s confidence
  • Wide diameter midrange
  • Provides normal disc flight
  • Slight dome

Of all the cheap midranges you can find in many disc golf retailers, I recommend looking at the Kapre by Divergent Disc. This disc will provide excellent accuracy in the fairway and will be helpful for beginners looking to improve their skills on the disc golf course.

7. Divergent Discs Leviathan

divergent discs leviathan

The Leviathan is another midrange coming from Divergent disc and is best suited for new disc golf players looking to expand their skills in the disc golf course. This particular disc takes pride in being very easy to throw, which makes it perfect for newbies.

One of the outstanding features of this midrange disc is its excellent physical attributes. This disc is extremely understable with a flatter top. The plastic is extremely grippy and provides a comfortable feel in the hands.

It comes with a high-memory filling plastic where when you pop it down with your thumb, it will pop back into shape really fast. Also, the rim is pretty small, which makes it perfect for kids and beginners alike.

In terms of its flight, this disc is also fun to throw. In fact, throwing it with low power shots will make the disc go straight, which is usually hard for beginners but is doable with this midrange disc.

Throwing it with a hyzer flip will carry the disc for a long time. After that, you will see a very lovely fade towards the end of the flight. On top of that, this midrange disc can also do well on wooded courses.

Overall, this is an excellent midrange disc that is also very affordable. This disc is an excellent beginner midrange that feels very premium but comes with very affordable pricing.

  • Understable and low-speed disc
  • Built for new disc golfers
  • Made with very grippy and shiny plastic
  • Feels great in the hands
  • Easy to throw and gives excellent distance even for beginners
  • Has a interesting bounce to it

This midrange disc is for new disc golfers looking for a fun disc to try out on the disc golf course. Also, the low-profile disc with a thin rim provides comfort to the hands to give enough confidence to the thrower. Lastly, this disc has a cheaper price with an excellent feel, which is pretty impressive.

8. Yikun Yao

yikun yao

The Yao is all about reliability in a midrange disc with the most affordable price. New disc golf players often wonder where to buy cheap disc golf discs when they start playing the game. Yao from Yikun is an excellent choice with its very affordable pricing but excellent reliability.

One of the upsides of using this midrange disc is the excellent feel in your hands. The company has done a fantastic job molding their plastics into a more comfortable type for the disc golfer. By the way, Yao is available in several different types of plastics ranging from the cheapest up to the premium.

This disc is also more on the overstable side when compared to other cheap midranges that I know. It can handle a good rip without over-turning too much. This midrange disc is also an excellent flier, but it is a little less stable than its flight rating indicates.

In terms of its flight, the flight for me is a little bit faster than its rating. I find this disc stable enough that I have never turned it over by overpowering it. But the best thing is it will never change direction and provide an excellent distance for a midrange.

Although the Yao is solid in terms of quality, I cannot say the same on the plastic. I feel that the blend can damage easily. I will suggest using this cheap plastic in more risky shots when throwing near ponds or lakes.

  • Solid overstable midrange with moderate end fade
  • Provides excellent feel in the hands
  • Overstable midrange
  • Excellent for hyzer approach shots around the basket
  • Nice flier and provides good distance for a midrange
  • Subpar plastic
  • Old fashioned sharper concave rim

This midrange disc is perfect for disc golfers looking for a reliable and consistent midrange. This disc will provide reliability and will give excellent distance for a midrange disc. It’s very cheap, which makes it perfect for risky water shots around lakes or ponds, when the risk of loss is high.

9. Sune Sports Night Trooper

sune sports night trooper

The Night Trooper is an excellent fairway driver for beginners or to those disc golfers who just have started to play the sport. This disc is built to be easily thrown by anyone who wants more control while achieving maximum distance.

The primary purpose of this disc is to provide all inexperienced disc golfers with a fairway driver they need on the disc golf course. This disc is understandable and should give new players the maximum distance they need even if they are still learning.

Also, this disc is super easy to throw, and its speed will let the player have more turns on the disc to max out the distance achievement. If you throw it at a complete vertical hyzer, the disc will still turn over, even on a normal power drive.

If you throw it at half of your maximum power, you can probably reach up to 250 feet even if you are still new to the game. But it all depends on your power and throwing capability. This disc will also give you a nice hyzer flip flight which is also good.

This fairway disc is made of cheap base plastic. It feels good in the hand and provides comfort during the throw. It is also a beadless disc which is good if you prefer a simpler design of the mold.

The only issue I have with this disc is the durability of the plastic. Since it is made of this cheap plastic, it may not be as durable compared to others. Hitting obstacles and other objects may lead to a bent rim and/or significant gashing.

  • Perfect for new disc golfers
  • Ability to give new disc golfers maximum distance
  • Provides a good feel in the hands
  • Straight flyer
  • Understable disc
  • Subpar plastic

This disc from Sune Sports is one of the best inexpensive drivers you can put in your bag. If you are a new disc golfer looking for an affordable driver that will fly straight but still give you more distance, the Night Trooper is an excellent choice for you.

10. RPM Discs Pekapeka

rpm discs pekapeka

Pekapeka is one of those fairway drivers that can be used on multiple shots. This disc is an understandable fairway driver perfect for hyzer-flips, rollers, and even turnover shots. It is one excellent fairway driver that can find a special place in your bag with its superb and reliable flight.

I am really impressed with the type of flight traits this fairway disc offers. This disc just wants to fly. You can throw it with a hyzer flip to flat with a touch of turn, making small gaps look very wide.

For flat releases, if you do it with a good amount of turn before it gets the fade at the later part of the flight. In addition, this disc is also useful for anhyzer shots that will just turn to your exact destination.

For its physical attributes, I can say that this disc feels very nice and comfy in the player’s hands. Since this is made with strata plastic which enhances the comfort, it gives before and during the throw. It also provides a good grip and you can purchase this disc in other plastic types as well, not just a base plastic like Strata.

Also, if you are a player who is just starting to build your arm speed, this disc is perfect for you. You can use it to develop your arm speed as well as improve your throw. Once it is developed, this disc is an excellent understable disc for turnover related throws.

  • Excellent for hyzer flips and turnover shots
  • Provides excellent grip and durability
  • Perfect for building arm speed
  • Very comfortable in the hands
  • Understable fairway driver
  • Disc control can be tricky

Overall, the Pekapeka is an excellent fairway disc. If you are looking for a cheap disc golf disc, this is an excellent option. It is very affordable but also has tremendous quality, which is an excellent combination, to say the least.

11. Divergent Discs Kraken



If you are looking for a do-it-all fairway driver, the Kraken, which is a disc from Divergent Discs, is an excellent option for you. This disc takes pride in flying with precision to the target when released ideally.

The Kraken provides a very comfortable and slightly gummy feel in the hands, in terms of its physical features. It also has a smaller diameter compared to other drivers in the market. But overall, it provides an excellent feel for a mid grade plastic.

This disc also has one of the best mid grade plastics being made. It feels similar to other premium plastic but at very affordable pricing. It might not be as durable as the more expensive plastic, but it does have some excellent toughness.

I don’t like that the rim of the disc is smaller, which makes the grip too tight. I feel that if it has a wider rim than what it is now, the more comfortable I feel. Nevertheless, this disc still feels comfortable in the hands.

Meanwhile, the flight of the Kraken is excellent. This disc is understable enough to turn the entire flight when you throw it hard and flat. Meanwhile, throwing this on a hyzer-flip will give you a nice S curve.

  • An all-purpose fairway driver
  • Ability to fly straight and be predictable even to beginners
  • It can also be used as a utility disc or rollers for the more experienced players
  • The plastic feels nice, comfy, and durable
  • Very easy to throw
  • Not for higher speed arms

Overall, this disc is very solid for beginners and experienced players. The plastic may be cheap but it has some good qualities to it; it will probably last longer compared to other cheap plastics. This disc should be an excellent control driver for beginners but can also be used as a roller for the more experienced players.

12. RPM Discs Kotare

rpm discs kotare

RPM, which is the maker of Kotare, is known for its fantastic plastics and stamps. And this distance driver is no different and has the ability to fly great when being appropriately thrown. However, this disc also stands out with its stamping due to its pearl plastic and fantastic artwork.

One of the upsides in using this product is the excellent feel of the plastic. The starta plastic provides comfort in the hand while giving some sort of confidence before the throw. Also, this product is a beadless disc that is overstable but has so much glide.

In terms of its flight, this disc will perform as it was indicated in the rating. It does not flip over, which is actually great. I also feel that this disc is excellent for skip shots if you want to get around the corner with higher speed.

With that said, if you already have faster arm speeds, the Kotare should be your perfect distance driver. However, if you have slower arms, then try to use this disc as a headwind driver. Throw it as hard as you can into a headwind and expect the disc to fly straight without turning over.

If you have power sidearms, releasing this disc with a little anhyzer will make it fly out quickly. This disc has enough stability to hook up at the end. For new players, my advice is to use this as a utility disc.

  • Excellent feeling plastic
  • Fantastic plastic and amazing artwork for a perfect look
  • It can be used as a headwind driver for slower arms
  • Perfect distance driver for faster arms
  • It can be used for skip shots in getting around the corner
  • The rim edge is rough
  • It takes time to get used to it being so overstable

Overall, this disc is an excellent distance driver coming from RPM. Its physical look is outstanding, but the flight is also extraordinary. It is highly recommended if you are looking for an affordable distance driver that will give quality and reliability.

13. XCom Zion

xcom zion

If you are just a beginner, it is normal for you to look for a disc that is affordable but can also be reliable when used on the disc golf course. The Zion from Xcom is a distance driver which is pretty reliable with its flight and has enough durability despite using cheap plastic.

The primary purpose of this distance driver is to provide a dependable driver at a very cheap price. The base plastic of Xcom comes with durability in it. It may not last longer compared to the premium plastic but can last for several rounds of disc golf.

In terms of its physical attributes, the Zion comes with a thin profile, a thin inner rim, and a flat top. This profile should fit well with its speed rating. It also feels very comfortable and provides an excellent feel when it is in your hands.

Throwing this cheap distance driver is very easy. All you have to do is throw it with hyzer flips or throw it flat, and the disc will end far right. When doing hyzer flip throws, it will tend to go fairly straight with a bit of curve to the right then a nice face to the left.

The Zion is also reliable with hyzer throws, but it is not also impossible to get a full anhyzer out of it. If you throw a flex shot, it has the ability to glide for days. However, if the angle is not perfect as it fades towards the end of the flight, the edge may catch the air to speed up the disc’s turnaround in the ground.

  • This distance driver is PDGA Approved
  • Has the stability to handle enough power
  • Excellent distance driver for beginners
  • Provides comfort and incredible feel in the hands
  • With some durability compared to other cheap plastics
  • Not fit on courses full of rocks and boulders

This distance driver is perfect for newbie disc golfers looking for a stable disc at a budget price. If you want a reliable distance driver or you just want to try a new brand of disc golf discs, the Zion can be an excellent choice. Who knows, it might surprise you when using it on the course.

14. Sune Sports Short Slacker

sune sports short slacker

If you are a beginner looking to achieve a lot of distance with your distance driver, the Short Slacker can be an excellent option for you. I do not know how they’ve gotten the name of this distance driver, but it’s flight does not have a shortage of distance.

The best thing about this distance driver is its straight flying properties. With a speed rating of 11, I felt like I could easily throw this disc down the hole and it would fly nicely.

Putting a lot of power when throwing this disc will probably cause it to flip over, but if you apply a softer drive, it will probably give you an excellent distance. A hyzer release with just enough height should be enough to reach up to 350 feet of total distance, which is actually impressive.

This distance driver disc comes with a low profile which is perfect for beginners. The design of this disc gives new disc golf players more distance when compared to other distance drivers usually available in a starter set.

Unfortunately, the Short Slacker is only available in base plastics. Meaning, the durability can be an issue if you are expecting it to last longer. It does not have the durability it needs when dealing with hitting obstacles or trees at high speeds.

  • Excellent for new and growing players
  • Will give enough distance for beginner and low power disc golfers
  • Provides excellent feel in the hands
  • Low profile
  • Beadless
  • Not enough durability

Nevertheless, this distance driver is still an excellent choice when it comes to giving value to the player. It is very cheap and affordable, which is very important. This disc is perfect for beginners looking to gather more experience and learn the right skills in the disc golf course.

Things to Consider When Buying Cheap Disc Golf Discs

cheap disc golf discs bulk

One thing is for sure, you do not need a premium disc to start playing disc golf. You can have a cheap disc to begin honing your skills. But buying a cheap disc golf disc can be a challenge because of quality issues. However, there are factors that you can consider to select the right cheap disc golf disc for your usage.

Type of Plastic

This factor is the most important to consider when buying a lower price disc golf disc. The type of plastics being used by a disc will determine its durability and longevity. Unfortunately, most of the cheap disc uses base plastic, which lowers the price and generally lowers the durability.

Cheaper plastic is softer and can easily damage quickly. They also tend to beat and become less stable as time goes by. However, each company uses different types of plastics, including cheap ones. In general, base plastic is the cheapest plastic being used by lowered-price discs.

My advice is to do your research, look for the more durable plastic materials being used of all the cheap discs available. Then, consider the one that uses the more durable materials. Most companies use different types of plastics. They usually list the differences of all the plastics to let you choose the best one that suits your needs.


The grip factor is all about the quality of the grip of the disc. Even if you are buying a cheaper disc, it does not mean that it will not provide an excellent grip on your hands. I have encountered several cheap discs that are more tacky compared to their expensive counterparts.


In general, it is true that premium plastic will last longer compared to cheaper plastic. They also have the ability to retain their flight shape a little bit longer. However, I have seen more experienced players extending the life of the cheaper plastic. It is all about how you use and maintain it.

My opinion about longevity with the cheaper plastic is that it can be justifiable if a new disc golfer uses it. The reason behind this is that new players will have the tendency to lose the disc before it goes bad, which is quite reasonable. O for the experienced player that wants a very beat up disc that is understable.

In addition, I see no point in having an expensive disc when it comes to putting. Putters will not usually smash into trees and other obstacles.

Cheap Disc Golf Discs Buying Guide

cheapest disc golf discs online

As a disc golfer, going to the cheapest place to buy disc golf discs is pretty standard. Actually, it does not matter if you play disc golf for a few years or a few weeks only, you will probably go to any market to buy new discs for your disc golf game at a lower cost.

The more you play the game, the more you will find discs that will fit your playing style. You can even experiment with a lot of discs for you to find the discs that will complement your game and find a place in your bag.

But when it comes to having a lot of discs in your bag, it also means you need to shell out a lot of money. However, you do not really need to buy all the expensive and premium discs because there are a lot of cheaper discs available if you know where to find them.

There are different ways to buy cheap disc should you need to. If I say cheap, it does not mean it lacks quality. You can still find high-quality discs at a very affordable price. Please check below on how to do it.

Buying Used Discs

Buying a used disc from your fellow disc golf players is an excellent way to avail of the disc at a cheaper price. There will be players who end up not liking some of their discs and may end up offering to you at a lesser price.

There are also dedicated disc golf stores that sell used discs. The used discs usually come from some disc golf courses as they collect lost discs in the area. Used discs in a dedicated disc golf store also offer cheaper prices.

Buying Misprints

Another way to buy cheap disc golf discs is to buy misprints. Misprints are discs that encounter a problem during the manufacturing process, particularly during the stamping process. So, misprints are just pure cosmetic issues on the side of the disc.

Usually, the manufacturer will be disposing of all discs with misprint issues at their websites. Of course, they will be offering at a cheaper price to the public. The best thing about misprints is it still has the same quality as the normal disc. Only the print or the cosmetic issue is the cause of the lower price.

Buying Bulk Sets

Another way to buy disc golf discs at a very low price is by buying in bulk. Buying the discs in sets or one of those mystery boxes will ensure that the cost per disc is lower than buying each one.

There are many package sets, such as starter packs and other types of packages. If you make online purchases, you will find many bulk sets on each of the company’s websites for you to avail yourself.

Buying from Discount Disc Golf Store

Another clever way to buy cheap disc golf discs is to buy from Discount Disc Golf Store. We have an exclusive list of different affordable discs of many types. Whether it’s putters, midranges, fairway drivers, or distance drivers, we have plenty of cheap collections coming from various brands.


I see no reason why a disc golf player will not purchase the best cheap disc golf discs. Buying a more affordable disc does not mean that it lacks quality. It may have inferior features, but a cheap disc golf disc is still valuable to anyone and has a lot of usage to a disc golf player.