Used Golf DiscsAnother great way to save big money on disc golf discs is to buy used. When you’re not exactly sure what discs you want, buying used is a great way to try more plastic at less cost.

Because many disc golfers try and impulse buy so many different discs, most used discs are in great shape with only minimal wear and tear. The avid disc golfer frequently buys every new disc release from their favorite brands, but doesn’t end up bagging all the discs. After a little while you realize that you only have room for so many discs in your bag.

Just because a disc wasn’t the favorite of one person doesn’t mean that it isn’t the perfect disc for you. Because we all have different throwing speeds and styles what works well for one person may not work well for another

Some used discs have only been thrown a few times, and yet because they’ve been thrown a few times, their value has automatically diminished by 20-40% even if there is no visible wear.

Used Discs are Great for Beginners

In most instances, as disc golf discs wear they become more understable. As players improve their throwing form and speed, many disc golf discs find that what used to be their go to discs are now  too understable for advancing players. This understable nature is exactly what beginners need.  An extra low price is additional incentive to buy used.

Disc Golf Sleepy Scale

When buying or selling used discs, online sellers use what we call the “disc golf sleepy scale” this helps one to determine the condition of a used disc. Any time a disc has “ink” on it (your name and or phone number written) the value drops a spot or two on the sleepy scale

  • 10- Brand New – This is in flawless condition with no ink and has no visible signs of shipping or storage wear.
  • 9 – Like New – A Like new disc may have been thrown a few times in a grassy field but has no visible damage. It may include some minor scuffs from transit or storage. Many brand new discs are given a score of 9 and considered like new because they have minor signs of wear from handling.
  • 8 – Lightly Used – A lightly used disc has no major gashes and only minor signs of wear
  • 7 – Used but Good Shape – A disc with a 7 rating has been used multiple times but the dings and scuffs are minor and will likely have minimal impact on the discs intended flight.
  • 6 – Pretty Good, Moderate Wear – A disc with a 6 rating has typical wear from many rounds of use but no major tears or gashes and will still be good for many rounds of disc golf.
  • 5 – Typical Wear – A disc with a rating of 5 starts to have noticeable damage to the disc. Now some of the dents are rather major and the disc will likely fly more understable than when new. Some 5 rated discs don’t have major damage, but have lots of wear and potentially sun fading from years of use.
  • 4 – Significant Wear – A used disc with a rating of 4 is below average. This disc starts to show significant wear and likely won’t be wanted by others unless they are looking for a disc specifically for understable turnover shots.
  • 3 – Major Wear – A used disc with a rating of 3 is obviously noticeable and defective. A disc at this level still has some use, but it is usually only pulled out of the bag for those shots where you will likely lose it over water.
  • 2 – Almost Worthless – It’s pretty much impossible for premium plastic discs to make it to a level 2. Only TPE type base plastic discs have potential to get warn to the point where they are almost worthless and need to head to the landfill.
  • 1 – Dog Toy – It’s crazy how often this happens but you find them all the time. Mutilated discs that have teeth marks and are torn to shred by dogs. A disc with a rating of one is not throwable and has no use by humans.

Used Disc Golf Discs for Sale

We currently have a large selection of used discs available in our outlet store in Logan, Utah. If you’re in the area, please stop by to browse our large selection of used discs. This includes a good selection of distance drivers, fairway drivers, midrange discs and putters:

  • Base Plastic Discs starting at $2
  • Premium Plastic Discs starting at $5
  • Like New Premium plastic Discs starting at $12

Used Disc Golf Discs in Bins

Buy Used Discs Online

Coming in 2023 is the ability to buy and sell used discs online!

As we gather our stock of used discs this spring we plan to sell them as bulk lots and as individual discs. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Until then consider the following ways to save big on disc golf discs: