Uplay Disc Golf Brand of the Week

Uplay Disc Golf

This week, we are proud to feature Uplay Disc Golf as our Brand of the Week.

Uplay Disc Golf is a remarkable brand with a unique mission: to promote the growth of disc golf by introducing it to children. Unlike other brands that offer a wide range of products, Uplay Disc Golf focuses on a single disc and a singular goal. The brand’s primary emphasis is on education, spearheaded by Zoe Andyke, a former professional disc golfer. Zoe travels to schools worldwide, educating children about disc golf and providing teachers with the curriculum to integrate the sport into their physical education programs.

The Mission of Uplay Disc Golf

Uplay Disc Golf’s mission is clear and impactful: to foster a love for disc golf among children through education and hands-on experience. Zoe Andyke’s efforts in traveling and teaching have made a significant impact on schools globally, ensuring that young students get the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport. By providing comprehensive educational materials, Uplay ensures that teachers are well-equipped to introduce disc golf into their PE programs effectively.

The Zeal: A Disc for Everyone

Given Uplay’s dedication to children, it’s fitting that their disc, the Zeal, is designed to be user-friendly and perfect for young players. The Zeal is an easy-to-throw putter, consistently available at an affordable price, making it accessible to schools, youth programs, and families.

This week, as Uplay Disc Golf is highlighted as our Brand of the Week, we are offering an additional 60% off the Zeal. You can now purchase this exceptional disc for less than $3! This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on Zeal putters for personal use, to share with friends and family, or to donate to local schools to support their disc golf programs.

The Zeal is available in both soft and firm plastics.

Support Uplay Disc Golf

Supporting Uplay Disc Golf means contributing to the future of the sport. By purchasing the Zeal, you are not only getting a high-quality disc at an unbeatable price but also supporting a mission dedicated to spreading the joy and benefits of disc golf to children worldwide.

Imagine the positive impact of introducing disc golf to a new generation—helping kids develop physical skills, learn about sportsmanship, and enjoy outdoor activities. Uplay Disc Golf’s vision extends beyond playing a game; it’s about fostering community, health, and happiness through disc golf.

Get Involved

Now is the perfect time to get involved with Uplay Disc Golf. Take advantage of our special offer and support a brand that is making a real difference. Whether you are an avid disc golfer looking to improve your putting, a parent wanting to introduce your child to the sport, or someone who believes in the transformative power of sports, Uplay Disc Golf is a brand worth supporting.

Shop today and help us celebrate Uplay Disc Golf as our Brand of the Week. Together, we can help grow the sport of disc golf and bring joy to children around the world.

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