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Bead vs Beadless Putter

This post is going to cover the physical attribute of a bead vs beadless putter. Lately we have covered a lot of comparisons, we’ve compared aspects of flight, types of discs, to name a few. Our most recent comparison was that of a midrange vs a fairway driver. Be sure to check those out if […]

Fairway Driver vs Midrange Disc

Disc Golf is a lot like golf . . . except for the fact that the gear used is not standardized. Meaning, in Golf, everyone’s club head angles are pretty much the same. A Callaway 9 iron will be highly similar to a Taylormade 9 Iron. Whereas in disc golf, a Discraft 9 speed fairway […]

Disc Golf Drive Tips

disc golf drive tips

When playing disc golf, mastering various skills is necessary to improve and achieve results. You need to develop essential aspects like putting, approaching shots, and your Disc Golf Drive Tips to excel on the course. Developing an excellent driving technique and style is essential to gaining long distances and low scores. In this article, we […]

Disc Golf Putting Rules

disc golf putting rule

New players must understand disc golf rules, especially putting rules, to avoid confusion. In this article, we’ll explore the crucial rules of disc golf putting. Understanding these rules benefits players since putting is both fundamental and technical, underscoring its significance in disc golf. Disc Golf Putting: The 10 Meter and Other Rules Within 10 meters, […]