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Disc Golf Scoring (Explanation for Beginners)

Disc Golf Scoring Banner When it comes to disc golf scoring, there are a lot of similarities between Golf and Disc Golf. Some terms are the same, while other terms are different. Here are a few terms of which you should be aware of; par, birdie, eagle, ace, hazard, out of bounds, and penalty stroke. This link will take you to the PDGA's official rules for keeping score in a PDGA sanctioned tournament, and most non-PDGA sanctioned tournament play as well. That link refers to a scoring rule that is new for 2024. The new rule indicates that every player must keep score for the entire group. The rule allows a player's caddy to keep score for them. It is helpful for each player to understand the terminology associated with disc golf scoring.

When I was a kid, I remember watching golf on TV. One of the players was soundly beating his competitors (I thought). His score was so much higher that his competitors! I made mention to my dad about how good he was doing and how all the other guys were mere peasants to him. That […]