Roc3 vs Roc

roc3 vs roc

I always felt that midrange discs are the most boring of all types of disc golf discs. These discs are not as flashy and exciting compared to the putter and drivers. But, this disc is one of the essential discs for beginners, especially when it comes to learning the form and techniques in the game. In connection with this, some midranges that come to mind regarding popularity and usage are Innova’s Roc and Roc3.

Roc is a midrange disc where many disc golf players considered it as the top professional midrange discs. This disc is known for its reliability, especially when thrown by professional players. Meanwhile, the Roc3 is the retooled version of the original Roc midrange disc and is made faster and straighter than its predecessor. This disc excels in controlled shots as well as midrange drives.

It is usual for these two discs to be compared because of the same use and origin. But in this article, we dig deep into the comparison and similarities between the two discs in terms of features and game usage in an actual disc golf round. Our team wants to show our readers the benefits of these two discs to the players and when their use in a disc golf game.

Roc: The Top Professional Midrange Disc

The Roc is said to be the top professional midrange disc in the sport. It is one of the most popular discs globally, with many players claiming that they own more than one of these discs in their disc golf bag. If you prefer a beaded disc and need to throw consistent lines, this disc can help you achieve that. This disc is one of the most reliable midrange discs you can use in the game, which is why it is so well-known and loved by many disc golf players.

Based on my experience, this disc will fly wherever you want it to go. Meaning, it can tell you about your form or technique and where you are in terms of your skill level in the game. As you learn and improve, I can guarantee that this disc will be more important to you as you discover its flight characteristics and tendencies. Apart from flying exactly with your flight path reference, this disc also comes with a reliable fade towards the end of the flight.

More than the reliability of the disc, it’s all about the disc’s value when it ages or beats in. As it gets old, this disc will loosen up and will become your workhorse on the field. This disc can withstand punishments when hitting obstacles, rocks, and trees. Almost every disc golf players need an overstable disc, a straight flyer, and the one that turns over, which is exactly what this disc can give you in every game.

Roc3: A Faster and Straighter Roc

The Roc3 is a retooled version of the original rock and is much faster and quicker than the original midrange disc. This disc is best used on controlled shots, midrange drives, and can be your go-to midrange disc. Based on my experience using this disc, its versatility is impressive, and its ability to perform well in windy conditions is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

If you are looking for a go-to straight midrange disc, the Roc3 is an excellent option to consider. This disc can give you around 300 ft. of straight flight with a bit of fade towards the end of the flight. For beginners, I feel that this disc is a little bit more overstable but can help in so many ways to develop the form and techniques in the game. I always believe that the Roc3 is one of the few discs where experienced and new players can both use it and maximize their game.

More than its versatility, I like the flight path, which the Roc3 can give to a player. You can put any amount of power in your throw, and this disc will still stay true to its flight ratings. This midrange disc hole some turnover lines while also holding the hyzers perfectly. You will also love the added speed and the extra distance, which means this disc is also useful from the tee box.

Roc3 vs. Roc: Similarities and Comparisons

roc3 vs buzzz

There had been many similarities and differences between these two discs from Innova regarding their usage and physical features. Physically, Roc3 is flatter compared to Roc and comes with more speed. Roc3 also gives you more distance and stability compared to the original Roc. Although these two discs share the same float and glide, the Roc3 comes with a faster speed, in my experience. After all, the Roc3 is a quicker and straighter version of the Roc.

Throwing these two discs in different situations should give different results to the player. I did try to throw the Roc in windy condition, and I feel that it did not handle the wind as I expected it to be. I see that the disc was prone to turning when it is thrown into the headwind. Meanwhile, throwing different types of Roc3s into the same condition gives me the straight finished that I am looking for or just left of the target.

Of course, both Roc and Roc3 come in different plastics, and depending on the plastics, the stability of these discs will differ from one another. For example, I have a champion plastic Roc which is more stable than the other plastics. Also, I find the Star plastic mold to be more understable compared to the KC Roc. This situation is also similar to the Roc3 and its different types of plastic molds.

I can never tell you which midrange disc is better compared to the other. I can assure you that these discs are in the same line and offer the same quality. The only difference is how these two discs will serve when it comes to your form and skill level. Another interesting comparison is the Roc3 vs. RocX3. Remember, there are also other excellent midrange discs coming from different brands, such as Discraft’s Buzzz.

Roc3 vs. Buzzz: Which is Better?

I have used both the Roc3 and the Buzzz, and I like both of these discs. I hate the comparison between the two because both of the discs complement each other. The Buzzz is stable to slightly understandable, while the Roc3 is overstable. In terms of speed, the Roc3 has a slight edge while the Buzzz comes with more glide.

In terms of its physical features and feel, the Buzzz should be the best beadless midrange you can use on the course, while the Roc3 is the best for midrange disc with bead. The difference between the two is how it fits in the player’s hands and the release of each player. Some players are more comfortable using the Roc3, while others feel the same using the Buzzz.