How to Throw a Roller in Disc Golf

how to throw a roller in disc golf

Playing disc golf challenges your creativity and shot-making skills, a positive aspect of the game. It’s not just about throwing for distance; mastering the “roller” is essential for maximum distance. If you’re new, learning the roller throw is crucial for your progress. But what is a disc golf roller shot? What are the best discs […]

Discmania MD3 vs MD4 vs MD5: Examining the Improvements

discmania md3 vs md4 vs md5

Sometimes, a disc golf brand creates a disc mold that flies so well and which many players love. The disc golf brand then tries to improve on that original design to get more players to buy from them. Sometimes, the “improvements” don’t work, and sometimes they do. What’s the case with Discmania’s numbered MD discs? […]

Leopard vs Leopard3 – Comparing Famous Fairway Drivers

leopard vs leopard3

Over the years, Innova has put out some of the best discs in the world. Its tendency for innovation is surprisingly consistent. In this post, I will examine two of Innova’s most well-known fairway drivers. This is a comparison between Leopard vs Leopard3. I will discuss their ratings and dimensions. Then I will compare their […]