Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set


Infinite Discs Disc Golf Starter Set includes 3 Discs:

  • The Sphinx in I-Blend is an excellent disc for new players and seasoned players alike. It helps beginners gain a little extra distance, as this won’t fade out too soon. And will provide a good understable utility disc for the advanced player.
  • The Anubis in I-Blend is an easy-to-throw, all-purpose, straight-flying midrange disc that works for all skill levels. This holds a variety of lines for short or longer distances.
  • The Alpaca in D-Blend works as an excellent multi-purpose disc. Whether you’re using it as a putter only or as a an approach disc, or as a driver. This can handle a variety of throws and provide a consistent and reliable flight.


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