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Viking Discs

Viking Discs is one of the leading disc golf brands in Finland. They have the goal to provide premium disc golf products to everyone; for the pro, enthusiast, amateur and beginner dis golfers alike. They are some of the most enthusiastic throwers who design, test, and make disc golf gear. This disc golf gear is made to meet the highest of standards, all to meet the performance you need. With their healthy line up of discs, you’ll be sure to fill your arsenal properly. Allowing you to conquer the disc golf course in absolute victory.

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Viking Discs Plastic

Viking Discs offers three plastic blends made from premium German Polymers:

Ground Plastic

Ground plastic is a base plastic with excellent grip and a comfortable feel.

Storm Plastic

Storm plastic is an ultra durable translucent blend.

Armor Plastic

Armor plastic is a very durable plastic with enhanced grip and slightly more flexibility than Storm.