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RPM Plastics

RPM makes a handful of plastic types, they are as follows:


Strata is a base plastic that is opaque, tacky, and somewhat stiff. This is an excellent plastic as it is stiff enough for comfort and grippy enough for an efficient grip. Making this a great plastic for putters or approach discs.


Magma is a plastic that is long-lasting like a premium plastic but has a softer more rubbery feel. This plastic with a rubbery feel enhances the grip all the while provides a plastic that is more durable. This can come in differing levels of stiffness, ranging from soft to hard.


Cosmic is one of RPM's premium plastic. This is a translucent plastic that provides a little sparkle - as it has some shiny flakes mixed in with it. This is a highly durable plastic that is easy to grip.


Atomic is a premium plastic that is tough, grippy, and opaque. This plastic can be a solid color or swirly. The plastic is very durable, ensuring that the disc's original flight path doesn't change too quickly. It also has a solid grip to it, allowing for a comfortable grip.