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Prodigy Plastics

Prodigy has two lines of discs: originals and Ace Line. Within each line Prodigy has devised a system to determine the plastic's durability. The original line has an alphanumeric system while the Ace Line follows a more traditional format of naming the plastic.

Ace Line Plastic


BaseGrip plastic is a base plastic that offers a solid stiffness and good grip. Though it is considered to be a base plastic, it is considered to be more durable than most other baseline plastics from other brands. It also has a glow variation.


DuraFlex plastic is a premium plastic that is designed to be very durable. It is a stiff but grippy plastic. Its durability will help keep the disc's original flight path for longer than lesser plastics. This too has a glow variation, allowing for dusk or night time play.

Original Line Plastics

Prodigy's original line of plastics follows a number system to detail the type of plastic rather than a name. The number system isn't an even dispersement of numbers, but as follows: 200, 300, 350, 350G, 400, 400G, 750, and 750G. How the system works is that the lower number is more of a base plastic. The lower plastic offers more grip but less durability. While the 750 will offer less grip but more durability. You may have noticed the "G", this generally denotes a lighter version of that plastic. Discs that come in this plastic usually weigh less than 165g.