Legacy Discs

Legacy is a disc golf company based out of Sylmar, California that started in 2010 by professional disc golfers Steve and Bamba Rico. Ever since then, they’ve produced high quality golf discs designed for most skill levels. Skill levels ranging from the casual player to the more advanced disc golfer. They produce a good variety of plastics and discs, all in plastics that range from the most basic to the most premium. In addition to its regular production they’ll often make limited edition discs with collector stamps intended for collection. These collector discs can be highly desirable.

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Legacy Discs Plastics

Legacy has a few plastic options from which to chose:


Icon plastic is a premium plastic, the best that Legacy has to offer. This offers a great grip, even in wet conditions. The plastic is more stiff and durable, which inspires a confident grip and a consistent flight path.


Pinnacle is another premium plastic that offers great grip and longevity. This plastic is a little bit more durable than Icon. This allows for higher speed discs, and the disc will maintain its flight path longer despite its use. It an opaque to clear plastic.