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Infinite Discs Plastics

Infinite Discs provides a large variety of plastic types to suit any need:


D-Blend is a base plastic that offers a good amount of grip, lower durability, and an affordable price. This plastic will beat in more quickly than more premium plastics. Generally used for discs where grip is more important than durability, like a putter or a midrange.


X-Blend is a midgrade plastic that offers a great balance of grip and durability. This is a tacky feeling plastic. It can be compared to Innova's XT or XT mix plastic. This is a popular plastic for putters or approach discs.


P-Blend is a midgrade plastic that offers grip and stiffness. Making this a fan favorite for putters or midranges. As it offers a stronger plastic than other midgrade or base plastics as well as a good amount of grip to it.


R-Blend is a midgrade plastic that offers a superb amount of grip and flex. It is a blend that provides little to no ground play due to its grippy and flexible nature.


I-Blend is also known as the infinite blend is an affordable plastic. This has a softer and more grippy feel than S-Blend. However, it isn't as strong as S-Blend, resulting in a faster beat-in process. If you want a premium feeling plastic without paying the premium price, I-Blend is that plastic.


G-Blend is a flexible and more grippy premium plastic. It has a metallic shine to the plastic providing a very unique and good look to the disc. This plastic was designed for use during colder temperatures.


S-Blend is a premium blend that provides good grip and excellent durability. It can be compared to Innova's star plastic. There are also other variations of this plastic, like Splatter S-Blend or Swirly S-Blend.


C-Blend is a clear premium plastic that is incredibly durable. Due to its durability, this plastic will keep the disc's flight characteristics longer than most other premium plastics. Making this a great plastic for longevity and consistency. There are also other variations of this plastic like C-Blend Glow, or Metal Flake C-Blend.