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Last updated on June 26th, 2024 at 04:11 pm

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Brand of the Week: Lone Star Discs

This week, we’re spotlighting Lone Star Discs, a rapidly growing presence in the world of disc golf. As their name suggests, these discs hail from the heart of Texas and are imbued with Texas and Western style themes. If you have a passion for Texas, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate Lone Star Discs.

Lone Star Discs is the fastest-growing disc golf brand in history. Despite being a relative newcomer to the sport, they’ve rapidly expanded their lineup, introducing more disc golf molds in a short period than any other brand. Today, they boast over 40 different discs approved by the PDGA.

Lone Star Plastics

Lone Star Discs offers a variety of high-quality plastics to suit different playing styles and preferences:

  1. Alpha: Durable and grippy, perfect for consistent performance in all conditions.
  2. Bravo: Similar to Alpha but with a bit more flexibility, offering a softer feel and enhanced grip.
  3. Lima: Lightweight and beginner-friendly, ideal for players seeking extra distance with less effort.
  4. Glow: Glows in the dark for nighttime play, maintaining the durability and performance of their standard plastics.
  5. Delta: A premium, firm plastic with a slick feel, designed for professional-level performance and durability.

These options ensure that players can find the perfect plastic to match their needs, whether they’re looking for durability, grip, flexibility, or lightweight performance.

Lone Star Drivers

Lone Star offers a diverse selection of both distance and fairway drivers. Currently, they have eleven distinct distance drivers and thirteen control drivers in their collection.

Their standout drivers include the neutral-flying, slightly understable Mockingbird, Guadalupe, and Lariat. Even the Curl, an 11-speed driver, ranks among their top five best-sellers. These sales figures confirm Lone Star’s reputation for producing exceptional straight-flying discs.

On the stability spectrum, the Tombstone is their most overstable driver, while the Dome and Tumbleweed are the most understable options.

Lone Star Midrange Discs

Lone Star’s midrange lineup consists of eight distinct discs. Among them, the most popular is the Texas Ranger. The BB6 is the most understable in their midrange category, though it leans towards a more stable flight. On the other end, the Walker is the most overstable midrange disc, known for its limited glide and consistent fade.Lone Star Armadillo Disc

Lone Star Putters

Lone Star’s putters are arguably their most impressive discs, as evidenced by the Penny Putter, their top-selling model. Lone Star’s putter plastic is uniquely grippy yet stiff, providing excellent pop for both spin and push putting styles.

The company currently offers eleven different putt and approach discs, many of which stand out from other brands. The popular Super Dillo has a significantly larger diameter compared to typical disc golf discs.

Top-selling Lone Star putters include the Penny Putter, Armadillo, Benny, and Blue Bonnet. The Bull Snake is their most overstable putter, primarily used for approach shots.

Top-Selling Lone Star Discs Overall

Based on sales data from Infinite Discs, here are the top 10 best-selling Lone Star Discs:

  1. Penny Putter
  2. Armadillo
  3. Tumbleweed
  4. Curl
  5. Mockingbird
  6. Guadalupe
  7. Harrier
  8. Texas Ranger
  9. Lariat
  10. Benny

Lone Star Discs is a fun disc golf company, and there’s no better time to explore their offerings than this week. Their prices are already the lowest on the internet, but right now, you can get an additional 50% off on the Texas Ranger, Lone Wolf, Walker, and BB6. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out these fantastic discs at unbeatable prices!

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