Keystone and Discount Disc Golf Merger!

We are excited to announce that Discount Disc Golf and Keystone Disc Golf are combining forces for an even better consumer experience!

This merger provides several advantages to both parties. We will use the domain name of for all future information and articles. Our current Keystone fans and followers will still to get the great reviews and content they are used to directly on the Discount Disc Golf  “tips and reviews” section.

Discount Disc Golf will benefit from this merger by enhancing this domain with more quality content and informative information giving new and upcoming disc golfers with the best advice and product recommendations.

Advantages of Discount Disc Golf

Discount Disc Golf is the least expensive disc golf ecommerce site on the internet. It is run by actual disc golfers who know quality discs. The products listed on are the same products that are listed on Amazon, EBay, and Walmart Marketplace. Retailers pay big fees to list on the ecommerce mega stores. When you buy directly from Discount Disc Golf, these savings are passed on directly to you as the consumer.

Now fans of Keystone Disc Golf will be able to purchase our recommended products directly from the website rather than having to rely on third party and affiliate sites like Amazon. We have found that many of the disc golf products listed on Amazon are not well made and do not actually work well for disc golfers. Discount Disc Golf only carries quality disc golf discs, bags, and accessories.

For our Keystone fans, please bookmark our new website and follow directly on your favorite social media platforms.

You can read old posts from Keystone Disc Golf here:

We look forward to many great new products and reviews coming soon!