How to Throw Disc Golf Farther

how to throw disc golf farther

Many people who have played disc golf have one thing in common: they want to throw the disc farther. This desire is normal since every disc golfer wants to see their disc flying through the air longer and further than it has in the past. But the biggest question is: how to throw the disc golf farther? What techniques and mechanics does a player must do to get that desired distance on the disc golf course?

We will be answering all these questions above and other related queries in this article. Our team makes sure that we will provide enough information to help people achieve the longest distance they can throw on the field. After all, we desire to teach everyone the correct technique to make them throw and reach the farthest distance in a disc golf game.

How to Throw REALLY Far

If you want to achieve distance, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. It will be customary for you to change some of your approaches to the game to achieve the distance you are looking at.

Disc Selection is Important

If you think that using a high-speed disc will give you the best distance, think again. Other factors can also be considered, such as the arm speed, wind, and the different disc ratings to achieve the best distance. If you are using a high-speed disc but do not have the right arm speed, the disc will tend to fade early in its flight path, which will significantly reduce its distance.

The best thing to do is adjust and consider a disc with lesser speed, fade, and possibly weight. To achieve the distance, you need to practice with different discs and find out what suits you. And I say that lots of practice is required and you need to spend some time looking for the correct disc that will give you that maximum distance.

Mastering Different Type of Shots

If you are dealing with an open fairway, you can use a high-speed disc and throw straight to get your shot’s maximum distance. But what about other game situations such as dealing with trees, thick weeds, big rocks, and so on. You need to use different shots and alternate flight paths to get the distance that you confront.

Getting a reasonable distance is finding a long route and looking for the safe and long way. A good example is when dealing with trees in your flight path. You can throw the disc below an optimal height because of the tree, or you can go the safer route to do a hyzer around the trees and still get the distance.

When dealing with different situations on the field, you need to decide which type of shots will be safe while also covering the best distance for you. Whether it’s a hyzer, anhyzer, roller, or straight; the most important thing is to choose the right shot to get the distance. After all, getting the maximum length is not all about the power; it is also about choosing the right line to give the farthest distance.

Improving your Power through Training

Another point of adjustment is to improve your power to get the maximum distance. Focusing on the leg muscles, triceps, and core will take you a long way in achieving that. When it comes to the triceps, bench presses and push-ups can also build your shoulder strength. Meanwhile, the core is essential because it helps the hips rotate faster, resulting in a good release and a possible long distance.

Meanwhile, to condition your arms, you should stretch your arms and mimic throwing movements with free weights or resistance cords. You can also develop your grip and forearm by working on those hand grips once in a while.

Cleaning your Disc Regularly During the Game

The accumulation of scratches and dirt on the disc can slow the disc down eventually. The scratches and mud can make the disc turn over early in its flight, significantly reducing the distance traveled. If you want to achieve the best distance, you want to clean the disc and replace them once it is not in good condition.

Do the Field Work

To throw the disc golf farther, you need to allocate a lot of time to throwing and practicing a lot of throws. This action is the only way to get better, improve, and grow your style on the field. The only way to do it, is to bring your bag full of discs and start throwing the discs, practice doing the same type throws working on your consistency. If you put in the work, better your form, you will train your body to throw the further. Until such time that you will achieve the optimum distance that you are looking for.

How to Get More Distance in Disc Golf

how to get more distance in disc golf

The truth is, you will need a lot of time and effort to maximize your throw and get more distance. But to be able to do so, you need to learn techniques that help you achieve the longest distance possible on the field. Please see the list below.

The Proper Runup

Doing the proper runup is one of the most important things to get the throw’s maximum distance. When running up, you’ll need to set your feet up to engage your hips in the rotation. For a right hand backhand throw, the right foot will step forward while the left foot will step forward behind the right foot. This creates the X-step. The right foot will then step forward with the heel pointing in the direction you want to throw. You will then plant the right foot, an shift your weight from the left foot to the right foot, all the while you begin the rotation to throw and release the disc.

Failure to do it will end up with reduced power, and the hips will only go forward. They cannot rotate around, which will affect the throwing motion, thus affecting the power of the disc. Also, the hips should be in one motion with your arm. You do not want the hips way ahead of your arms or vice versa. Also, keep your head in the middle of the body during the throw to make the shoulder even. This action will make the shot come out with a good angle and good height.

The Proper Reach Back

Once you have the proper runup, hips are engaged, and your head is in the middle of the body, one thing that matters during the throw is getting the reach back correct. Once you reach back, you want to make sure that you are getting everything you can. Doing this will give you time to pull through and give you more room to generate power. The further you reach back with control, the better your shot will be down the road.

Also, the head should be in line with the disc when reaching back. You should not look in other directions and should be in motion together with the disc as you reach back. Your head should move with your front shoulder to maximize the power of your throw.

The Proper Grip

There is no specific grip that brings a lot of distance to the thrower. We also notice that not even the most popular disc golfers take pride in their grips, persuading others to follow their style. The key is to experiment with different types of grips when you are just starting to learn. Then, find the suitable grip that brings comfort to you and your hand.

It is essential to experiment, because you will get accustomed to only one type of grip if you fail to do so. And this is not advisable because it will be difficult for you to change to a more suitable grip. There are different grips for different types of shots, and you need to find convenient and comfortable grips for your hand.


If you want to increase your distance, you need to learn how to throw a disc golf disc the right way. We have presented many factors and techniques to help players achieve the maximum distance they are looking for. Some of the techniques may contribute a little to you, but any improvement is always welcome when improving your distance throw.

The key is to spend a lot of time and start throwing the discs consistently and regularly. It is all about putting in the work, knowing the proper techniques, using the right disc, and the determination to improve every day. As you put in the work, you will notice the improvement, and in a matter of time, you will get the maximum distance on the course.