How to Throw a Hyzer Flip

how to throw a hyzer flip

Last updated on March 11th, 2024 at 10:50 pm

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Newbie or inexperienced disc golfers often encounter unfamiliar sport-related terms that can be confusing. However, with learning and experience, you’ll come to appreciate the significance of each term as you develop as a player. One of these terms is the hyzer flip, a type of shot that players can use in certain game situations.

But how to throw a hyzer flip?

This article will discuss the answer to this question and other information related to this shot.

As an experienced player, I’m motivated to share knowledge and insights about this shot type. Additionally, our team will provide tips and techniques for effectively using the hyzer flip in your game.

What is a Hyzer Flip?

Before getting deep into the analysis of a hyzer flip, let me first explain what is a hyzer?

IIn disc golf, the hyzer throw is employed to optimize the disc’s inherent angle, releasing it with the outer edge angled downward. In the case of a right hand backhand (RHBH) or left hand forehand (LHFH), the disc’s left side is oriented downward.Conversely, in a left hand backhand (LHBH) or right hand forehand (RHFH), the right side of the disc points downward.

So from there, what is a hyzer flip? When throwing discs, some will drift right before returning left, while others will fly straight and finish left (RHBH or LHFH). For a hyzerflip, you want a disc that can drift to the right for you. Throwing a hyzer flip, you are throwing a disc on a hyzer angle hard enough to allow the disc to use its turn (the natural drift to the right) to make it “sit up” to flat.

I find this throw one of the coolest in disc golf, as it utilizes the disc’s natural tendencies. To execute a hyzer flip, use an understable disc that the hyzer release angle will overpower, causing it to flip up to a flat position for a long, straight flight.

When to Use a Hyzer Flip?

A hyzer flip is best suited to use on a lot of wooded courses. These courses often feature tight gaps where keeping your disc straight is crucial. Hyzer flips work well in open spaces too, ensuring your disc flies straight without fading into rough terrain.

Things to Consider when Throwing a Hyzer Flip?

what is a hyzer flip

There are few things to remember when doing hyzer flips that can make or break your throw. The disc that you will use is important while other factors need to be accounted for to make the throw more successful.

The Disc’s Turn Rating

As I have been saying all along, you need to have an understable disc when throwing a hyzer flip. The disc’s turn rating usually is from +1 to -5 and the closer the disc is on the -5 rating, the more understable it is which is more suitable for hyzer flips. Avoid using discs with a +1 turn rating while a disc between a -1 and -3 will do just fine. Please take note that below -3 will also be tricky because it might turn into a roller and might not give you the best hyzer flip if you have a powerful and speedy arm.

Start with Slower Discs

When learning hyzer flips, follow the same process as when you initially learned the sport: begin with a slower disc like a putter, then progress to midranges and fairway drivers. Then you can try the distance driver. But the most important thing is to execute the shot correctly with the different types of discs.

Throwing it Forward

When throwing hyzer flips, you want to focus on hyzering the discs out forward. Getting the disc moving forward is going to help you keep it down the fairway rather the fly it high and contending the trees and other obstacles it might face during the flight.

Throwing the Hyzer Flip the Right Way

As mentioned earlier, there are three important factors you must consider when throwing a hyzer flip: the right disc, the proper angle of release, and the right velocity of the throw.

One way or the other, these 3 factors can influence the success or failure of your hyzer flip throw. Also, please take note that results may vary for every player that throws a hyzer flip. Some players may need more angle on the release while others need more speed and velocity on the disc before seeing the type of results you are looking for.

The Angle of Release and Power

Throwing the disc on the hyzer angle will push the disc in the direction where it naturally wants to go.If the disc goes straight and flips to flat during the flight, it’s a sign of a proper throw. Sometimes, you’ll want the disc to turn and then fade slightly when executing a hyzer flip. If the disc veers more to the right than expected, you may have used too much power or a less hyzer angle. Adjust your power lower and/or change your release angle accordingly.

When you throw an understable disc with more power on a hyzer angle, it will likely hold the hyzer angle briefly at the early part of the flight before quickly flipping up to flat.Also, throwing a similar disc with a RHBH throw will make the disc spin clockwise and will likely go in the same direction it is spinning.

Learning with Putters

I have seen a lot of players using putters when they were starting to learn the hyzer flip throw. This is because putters are easier for beginners to throw and control. When choosing a disc, consider your arm speed and the course conditions alongside your preference for understable discs. Understable discs tend to flip and glide straight, but achieving the desired hyzer flip technique requires practice and experimentation.

When you have a disc that flips over at maximum power, use a hyzer angle for a hyzer flip. Discs that fade out are less likely to achieve this. Seek a high-speed flip disc in your bag for better hyzer flip technique. The real challenge is keeping the disc low.

But if you really want to improve your hyzer throws, work on slower discs first such as a putter. Once you develop the confidence you need, then you can try midranges and fairway drivers. After gaining a lot of valuable experience, then try a hyzer flip with some distance drivers. The most important thing is to find the right disc, power, and angle to achieve the right results when throwing a hyzer flip.


Learning to throw hyzer flips is a challenging but rewarding aspect of disc golf. The key is finding the right disc that complements your power and release angle. Keep practicing and finding your rhythm on the course to achieve your desired results. Do not stop until you perfect your hyzer flip throw.