How to Throw a Disc Golf Straight

how to throw a disc golf driver straight

The best thing about playing disc golf is how it brings your shot creativity in every game situation. That’s why it is essential to learn different types of shots to compensate for every situation you face on the field. One such case is driving through a straight tunnel where throwing a straight shot down the middle is the best option for this specific situation.

But to do this, a disc golfer must learn how to throw disc golf straight because failing to do so will bring a catastrophic result. Either the throw will be off, or the player will miss the release, which will result in the disc hitting trees or the player locating the disc into the woods. To avoid that, our team will give you tips on how to throw a straight shot accurately and efficiently.

Reasons Why the Disc Will not Fly Straight

  • You are not pulling the disc in a straight line during the throw, especially if you are using the forehand throw.
  • Releasing flat will not mean that the disc will fly straight, especially if you round your wrist after the release. Because this will make the disc turn over, which will result in a different flight path. You must also focus on keeping your wrist straight after the release.
  • The form of your throw can also prevent the disc from flying straight as you want to. Your footwork and run-up before the release will contribute to the quality of the shot. When throwing a straight shot, primarily if you use a forehand throw, the player must keep the shoulder straight to the target line while moving in a straight line forward.

The most important thing when throwing a flat release is to do the proper form and mechanics. Avoid starting the run-up from the right or left side of the tee pad. The shoulder must be pointed on the target line, and the player must be straight while on the tee pad before throwing the disc on flat release.

Essential Points when Trying to Throw the Disc Straight

When throwing the disc with a forehand throw, pull the disc on a straight line and provide a good follow-through. If you throw it in a perfectly linear motion, the chances are your disc will end up in a straight flight path.

If you are trying to pull the disc behind you, or worst, twist your elbow when starting to make the throw, the arm will come out swinging, causing the disc to release on the left side or grab onto it and go on the right side.

Apart from throwing it straight, another essential point to follow is the disc’s height before throwing. Is it below or above the chest? How to determine the right height for your disc when throwing? You can use your elbow and position it at a 90-degrees angle while holding the disc. The disc’s height while holding it is the right height that you should follow when throwing the disc.

Pulling the disc from the outside and not on the straight line will make the disc go right and not straight. This action is a common mistake when throwing the disc straight, and a lot of players are not aware of it. It usually happens when a player looks forward before the throw and they will not notice that they are already throwing the disc from the outside, ripping the disc to the right.

When throwing straight shots, the disc selection can also make or break your straight shots’ quality. For example, using a fuse and a stiletto in the same throw will produce a different result. Meaning, choosing the correct disc will influence your ability to throw a disc straight.

The disc’s fade rating can also affect the results of your straight shots. When you are using the right hand in throwing a backhand, the disc with a lot of fade rating tends to go left as it starts to slow down towards the end of the flight. One way to solve this issue is to use a disc with little or no fade at all. A disc that has a fade of 0 to 1 rating is what you need.

If you are using a disc with a high fade rating, you can also release it low to not fade towards the end of the flight. Although it will shorten the distance, it traveled once it hit the ground.

How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight

how to throw a disc golf straight

Throwing a disc golf disc straight is not an easy thing to do. But through constant practice and the determination to do it correctly will enable the disc golfer to pull it off. There are two ways to throw a disc straight. One is to use a stable disc and do a flat release, while the second one is using an understandable disc while releasing it at a hyzer angle.

But how to do it? Please check below:

By Using a Stable Disc and Releasing it Flat

When I say using a stable disc, I refer to the most straight flying disc in your bag as our main disc that will play our throw’s primary role. And throwing it with a flat release will make it fly in a straight line as long as the proper form and mechanics will be correct.

If you are still unfamiliar with a stable disc, you can check on the flight rating on the disc printed on the surface and check on the turn rating. A stable disc that flies straight should have a turn rating of 0 or -1. The turn rating is the thirst number of the disc’s flight rating and should be the basis for your disc selection. If you are familiar with your disc’s flight and find other discs that fly straight, I can suggest trying that also just for the sake of adding your disc options.

The main focus is to release the disc straight by pulling it off across your chest. The most important thing is not to start high and release it low or the other way around. You must through it straight all the way right from the get-go. Or else, you will see the disc flying in hyzer and anhyzer angle instead of it flying straight as you want to.

By Using an Understable Disc with a Hyzer Release

Another way to throw a disc golf disc straight is by using an understable disc and release it at a hyzer angle. When it comes to an understandable disc, you can always refer to the flight rating system and check on the turn rating in looking for an understandable disc. In this throw, we are looking at a turn rating of -2 or lower. Usually, these discs can perform well on the hyzer flip shots we are doing in this particular throw.

Doing hyzer flip will need you to release a lot of force behind the disc’s shot to flip then flat. The thrower needs to pull the arm with a lot of quickness to generate a lot of snap. It may be difficult at first, and you might fail during the early stage of trying it. But constant practice throwing hyzer flips will help in making the disc fly straight. Also, releasing the disc low is the key to the success of doing hyzer flip throws.

You can also try making some adjustments when it comes to doing a hyzer release. If you notice that the disc continues to turn after flipping to flat, you can have the option to throw the disc with a more hyzer release to balanced it. Another way to adjust is to use a lesser flippy disc in your bag.


Learning different types of shots is essential when playing disc golf. Someone must come up with a lot of creativity when taking shots on different game situations. Therefore, it is a must for a player to learn how to throw disc golf straight because it is a skill that will be use in an actual disc golf game.

There are two ways two throw a disc straight. One way is to use a stable disc and throw a flat release. Another way is to use an unstable disc while throwing it in anhyzer angle. All of these methods need familiarization of the disc golfer if he wants the shot to be perfect. The key is to keep on practicing until you find the right rhythm in throwing the disc straight.