How Many Calories Does Disc Golf Burn

how many calories does disc golf burn

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 08:47 am

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Disc golf is a recreational sport that brings fun and enjoyment to everyone. However, this sport also brings substantial benefits, especially in the number of calories disc golf burn. This sport is a form of exercise and workout that can help bring your body in tip-top shape.

But how many calories does disc golf burn when you are consistently playing? In this article, we delve into the sport’s calorie-burning capacity.

The Number of Calories Burned in Playing Disc Golf

According to a health risk assessment website, a disc golfer who weighs around 200 pounds can burn up to 552 calories while playing a round of about two hours by just throwing the disc alone. The same website also said that it would reach as high as 992 burned calories if you combined it with walking.

One famous disc golf website also says that a single round of disc golf can burn 400 – 500 calories. This one round includes walking and making around 7000 steps or approximately three miles of movement.

With all of the figures above, it is very obvious that playing disc golf can help in doing your exercise and burning those unwanted calories. I purposely omitted mentioning those websites because they did not state how they arrived at the numbers.

Different Ways to Count Calories Burned in Playing Disc Golf

the number of calories burned in playing disc golf

To determine the calories burned during the sport, you can utilize tools like the MyFitnessPal calorie calculator, available as a smartphone app and website.

In the calculator, all you have to do is input your weight (in pounds or kilograms) and also input how long you intend to play (in minutes). I made an input of 200 pounds in a period of 120 minutes which is equivalent to two hours.

This calculator gives me the result of 544 calories burned in two hours. To compare it to earlier data, it’s not identical but falls within a similar range, likely calculated using the Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET).

The MET is an objective measurement of the ratio of the rate at which a person uses his energy relative to the person’s mass while performing a specific physical activity. However, this measurement comes with certain limitations which can affect the accuracy of the reading.

Another way to monitor the number of calories burned is by wearing a heart rate monitor during the game. With this device, you can input various data, including playtime, average and maximum heart rate, and estimated calories burned.

Using the heart rate monitor, you will see how your heart rate will react during the entire game. It will show the drop and spike in your heart rate in doing certain activities during the game. Using this device, you’ll gather extensive information and can compare it with your other exercises.

Smartwatches and advanced wristwatches can track disc golf calories burned, although their accuracy isn’t perfect, they serve as a useful foundation for weight management.

Factors Affecting Calories Burn in Disc Golf

There are many factors that influence how many calories will be burned in a disc golf game in every player. If you try to analyze, the most obvious factor is the topography of the disc golf course. If the course is located on the side of a mountain where you will walk up and down during the game, you will probably burn more calories in a single disc golf game rather than on a flat disc golf course.

Calorie burn also hinges on errors like roll-away throws, which require additional walking, potentially on steep terrain throughout the game.

A light round involves less movement compared to a challenging one with more walking. Additionally, flat courses like parks burn fewer calories than hilly mountain courses.

Weather on the course can also impact calorie burn. Playing in hot, humid conditions can lead to increased calorie expenditure during the round.


Knowing how many calories disc golf burns is essential if you are using the sport for your fitness journey. Believe me, this sport is a great tool for weight loss and future fitness goals. The way disc golf is played is enough for you to move throughout the round and increase your physical stamina.