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Divergent 2-disc set

Divergent Disc’s 2-disc set features the Ace Line plastic Narwhal and Kraken. The putter and driver from Divergent.

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Infinite Discs C-Blend Chariot

The Chariot from Infinite Discs is a popular mid-range disc with a strong glide in the premium C-blend plastic.

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RPM Discs Ruru

The Ruru, from RPM is a reliable putt and approach disc from the popular New Zealnd brand, RPM.

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Starter Sets

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Divergent Starter Set

The Narwhal, Leviathan, and Kraken all in Max Grip plastic.

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X-Com Starter Set

The Bennu, Griffon, and Helios. Affordable and easy to throw.

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RPM Starter Set

The Ruru, Piwakawaka, and Huia is RPM’s Performance blend.

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Divergent Discs

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Max Grip Kraken

Easy to throw beginner friendly fairway driver with a precise and predicatable flight.

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Max Grip Leviathan

Beginner-friendly mid-range perfect for slow and controlled throws at or near the basket.

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Max Grip Narwhal

Comfortable and grippy putt and approach disc that feels great in the hands.

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Infinite Discs

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I-Blend Maya

The Maya distance driver should help new and intermediate players reach their maximum distance potential.

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D-Blend Scarab

The Scarab is a straight-flying Putt & Approach disc, reliable for any disc golfer.

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C-Blend Chariot

The Chariot is a stable mid-range with an exceptional glide that will fly with precision at any target.

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Disc Golf Sets

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Divergent 8-Disc Set

The Divergent Discs 8-Disc family Set, features 4 Narwhals and 4 Krakens, perfect for a group of 4.

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X-Com 4-Disc w/Bag

The X-Com 4-Disc Set features, the Bennu, Eden, Zion, and Helios, with a bonus X-Com bag!

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Legacy 2-Disc Set

The Legacy Discs 2-Disc Set features the Ghost and Rampage in Excel plastic.

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