GStar vs Star Plastic

gstar vs star plastic

If you have been playing disc golf very long at all, you are aware of the many different choices we have in this sport of molds and plastics. The largest disc manufacturer is Innova, who has a huge selection of discs and plastics. Two of their more popular plastics are Star and GStar. In this blog we are going to discuss those two plastics to help you understand the similarities, the differences, and their uses.

Star Plastic

Star is a type of plastic that combines the durability of Champion plastic, with the softness and grip of Pro plastic. To be more specific, Star is slightly less durable than Champion. That means it will beat in a little bit faster (It will get ‘seasoned’ faster). It is also opaque and not like the translucent Champion plastic.

Star plastic is a ‘premium’ plastic because of its durability. Even though it is slightly less durable than Champion, it is slightly more durable than another premium plastic: GStar. Another similarity is the opacity of the discs. Beyond that, there are more differences than similarities.

GStar vs Star

GStar is softer than Star plastic. Its pearly look and extra-soft feel makes it an excellent disc for winter golf, since it remains soft and less likely to break in cold weather. That softness also gives the GStar plastic a little more grip than Star. Both of these plastics have more grip than the stiffer Champion plastic.

When it comes to mold availability for the two plastics, Star definitely has the edge. Most of Innova’s molds are available in Star plastic. However, GStar is also very popular and can be found in many molds. You likely won’t have a difficult time finding your favorite mold in GStar. But if you want to ensure that you can make a bag that is mostly one plastic, Star should be your choice.


star plastic qualities

Disc Stability

Another factor to consider if you are deciding between the two plastics is stability. Star plastic is slightly less overstable than GStar. That means you will get a little more turn to the right (for a right hand, back-hand throw). That extra stability in Star might make it more desirable than GStar, depending on your skill level. Neither of these two plastics is as overstable as Champion, although Star is close.

Which Plastic Is Right For You?


Grip Durability Stability Consistency
Star High High Stable Year-round use
Gstar Higher Higher Slightly under stable Year-round use

If you are deciding between Star or GStar, but don’t know which one to choose, consider the characteristics of Star vs GStar. Star is a little MORE overstable, a little LESS grippy, and a little MORE durable. If those factors aren’t an issue for you, I would go with GStar to start out. It is generally less expensive than Star plastic and is a safer plastic to throw in the winter (If that is something that you do). Plus, the pearly plastic looks amazing!


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Other brands have plastics with a feel and performance similar to Star and GStar. Check out our daily deals to find an inexpensive alternative to those and other plastics