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Last updated on July 8th, 2024 at 05:12 pm

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We are thrilled to spotlight Finish Line Discs as our brand of the week! Owned by professional disc golfer and YouTuber Drew Gibson, Finish Line Discs aims to produce the best discs in all of disc golf. With a focus on premium flight discs crafted from the finest plastics, these discs are proudly made in the USA, manufactured in Georgia by EV-7.

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The Finish Line Disc Line

Finish Line currently offers seven top-tier discs, catering to various aspects of the game. Like always, you will get the absolute lowest prices on Finish Line discs right here.

Daytona – Overstable Driver

The Daytona is an overstable driver designed for those powerful throws that demand precision and reliability in windy conditions. Ideal for advanced players looking to enhance their control and distance.

Interval – Distance Bomber

Known as the “Distance Bomber,” the Interval is engineered to maximize your throw length. This driver is perfect for long, open fairways where distance is key, making it a favorite among players aiming for those big throws.

Era – Long Control Driver

The Era is a long control driver that offers the perfect balance of distance and accuracy. It is designed for controlled, long-range shots, making it a versatile addition to any player’s bag. This was the first Finish Line discs introduced and one of their most popular.

Rally – Straight Fairway Driver

For those straight and reliable fairway shots, the Rally is your go-to disc. It’s perfect for navigating narrow fairways and delivering consistent, straight flights, making it an essential for players of all levels.

Torque – Overstable Fairway Driver

The Torque is an overstable fairway driver that provides excellent control and predictability. It’s great for those tricky shots that require a reliable fade at the end, making it a staple for technical courses.

Supra – Straight Midrange

The Supra is a straight-flying midrange disc that offers exceptional glide and accuracy. Designed by Drew Gibson to fly like a beat in Buzzz right out of the box, the Supra’s reliability makes it a must-have.

Pace – Putt & Approach Disc

The Pace is a versatile putt and approach disc that combines consistency with control. Ideal for those crucial putts and precise approach shots, the Pace helps you finish your game strong. The Pace uses the EV-7 Telos mode but is available in the premium Finish Line forged plastic making it excellent as a throwing putter.

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As our brand of the week, we’re offering incredible discounts on Finish Line Discs:

  • Supra and Pace: 50% off
  • All other Finish Line Discs: 30% off their already lowest internet prices

Don’t miss this opportunity to try out these exceptional discs at unbeatable prices. Enhance your game with the best from Finish Line Discs!

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Explore our collection and take advantage of these fantastic deals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Finish Line Discs offers something for every disc golfer. Shop now and elevate your disc golf experience!

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