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Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 07:38 am

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There are few things in this world that beat throwing a disc well. It is just wonderful to watch it fly through the air. It creates such a great feeling of amazement, tranquility, and accomplishment. Disc golf combines this feeling with a way to measure improvement and work towards a goal. All by tracking the number of strokes it takes to complete a hole.

In its heart disc golf is a very simple sport, throw a disc from the teepad to the basket while avoiding the obstacles. However, the gear involved in disc golf is where the sport becomes complicated. Among all of the different manufacturers there are a multiplicity of discs. To make things more complicated, there are a handful of different plastics within each brand and these plastics can affect the flight of the disc. Even the same mold can fly slightly differently because of the plastic. All the disc molds and the plastic types make for a huge variety of options. Additionally, across brands similar disc molds do not perform the same. Which makes everything quite complicated and can make decisions difficult.

Divergent Discs is a brand that started out in 2021, they see the complexity of the disc golf world and aim to make things easier. It is a brand that focuses on simplicity. Their main focus is on manufacturing “quality disc golf discs for the rest of us.”

Divergent Discs Purpose

Starting back in 2019 Divergent saw a need that isn’t fully met within the disc golf community. There are a lot of disc golf brands, and the majority of these brands focus on providing discs that are professional grade. Resulting in discs that have a greater amount of overstability, which makes it more difficult for a disc golfer to throw.

They base this claim off the “State of Disc Golf” survey done in 2019. This survey is done on a yearly basis, where the participants are disc golfers of all ages and are from all over. This shows that most disc golfers’ average throw is around 300 feet.

Thus, Divergent Discs works to resolve these issues of a complex selection, and lack of discs designed for the average disc golfer. They have three points on which they focus: simplicity, easy to throw, and affordability.


One of the issues that Divergent Discs works to resolve is that of the complexity of selection. This complexity partly derives from the vast selection of different types of plastics and weights. To resolve this, Divergent provides their discs in one plastic option only, and a much smaller weight range.

They do provide plastic options, but the disc molds are only made in one plastic type. They have two plastics: Max Grip and Stay Put.

The Max Grip is more in line with the typical plastics. It offers a lot of grip, durability, and a comfortable amount of flexibility. On the scale of base plastic to premium plastic, this would be classified as a mid-grade plastic. Despite being the only plastic option for the majority of their discs, this makes a great all-around plastic.

As Max Grip plastic provides great grip for putting. This grip will give you confidence while putting. And when the disc hits the chains, the plastic will grab them sufficiently to stay in them and fall into the basket. At the same time, the Max Grip is hard and stiff enough that it can handle hitting hard surfaces. You will be surprised with how long this plastic can last.

The Stay Put plastic is a unique rubber blend. This blend provides a lot of flexibility and durability. The idea behind this plastic is that it will provide little to no ground play. Giving you a disc that won’t roll or skips as much as the typical plastic disc.

This plastic works well for putting, driving, or approach shots. Giving you a disc that offers great grip for putting. A blend that will grab the chains as much as most other putting plastics. While at the same time, this rubber blend can take a hit. Unlike the typical plastics, this rubber blend doesn’t really show damage, unless it is severe. It is quite soft and formable, which means that this doesn’t really “dent” when it hits a harder object. Because of its softness, it is quite the durable rubber blend.

Easy to Throw

Divergent Discs spends its efforts in designing discs that will fly in the air easily. Resulting in discs that have a lot of glide and turn.

Glide refers to the discs ability to float through the air. Or its ability to stay “. . . maintain loft during its flight.” To me, this flight rating on the disc refers to the disc’s desire to stay in the air. The higher the number, the more willing the disc wants to stay in the air. Additionally, the higher the glide means that less effort/power is required to get a good disc flight.

Turn details the disc’s tendency to fly to the opposite of the natural flight path. For a right hand backhand throw this means the disc’s tendency to fly to the right. Or for a left hand backhand, the disc’s tendency to fly to the left. The lower the number the higher its tendency to fly to the opposite side of the natural flight path. The lower the turn number the less effort/power required to throw the disc well.

All manufacturers are aware that high glide and low turn makes for a great beginner disc. Divergent Discs focus is to provide discs that have high glide and low turn. All in an effort to provide some of the best beginner friendly discs on the market. Discs that fly well even for beginners.


As of late, all manufacturers have increased their prices. Making disc golf more expensive than what they used to be. Just a few years ago, I remember that an expensive disc was $16, this was only 5 years ago. Now, an expensive disc is $30, it is crazy the increase that has happened.

Divergent Discs are reasonably priced and offer good quality. The Max Grip plastic provides a lot of grip and good amount of durability. I’ve seen these discs hit trees and come out with little to no mark. I’ve also seen large marks after it hit a tree. While the Stay Put blend offers an incredible amount of durability. This blend I have yet to see physical damage done to it regardless of what it hits.

The majority of the discs can be purchased for around $12 for the Max Grip blend, and $16 for the Stay Put blend. Providing a multiplicity of discs available at a lower price point that can handle the wear and tear of the disc golf course.


Divergent Discs is a brand that focuses on providing discs tailored for beginners, simplifying the complexities of disc golf and crafting discs that enable easy flight even for those with limited throwing power. These discs aim to deliver a complete flight, long-lasting performance, and an enjoyable experience. Disc golf is a fun sport, but it can easily lose its appeal when you can’t throw it as far or you don’t achieve the results you are looking for. Divergent Discs will help you achieve the distance, and find simplicity within the sport of disc golf.

Be sure to check them out on our website, they may be a good fit for you.