Discraft Cicada

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 11:25 pm

Last updated by Maredith Damasco

Introducing the Discraft Cicada

The Discraft Cicada, Discraft’s second release of the year, is creating quite a buzz in the disc golf community. This PDGA-approved disc, which is available in Z plastic for added durability, continues Discraft’s traditionSky Blue First Run Discraft Cicada Disc Golf Disc Driver of naming discs after bugs. When it’s out (as of this publishing release date is TBD), you can find the Cicada at Infinite Discs and select every detail you want about it, or you can save a couple of bucks and wait for it to be available right here at Discount Disc Golf!

Second Release of the Year for Discraft Cicada

With its introduction, marking Discraft’s second release of the year and approximately the 230th PDGA-approved disc this year, it firmly underscores Discraft’s commitment to offering diverse options for players of all skill levels.

Easy to Throw Fairway Driver

Discraft meticulously crafted the Cicada as a user-friendly fairway driver, ideal for players seeking improved control and performance.

When thrown with power, according to Infinite bloggers the Cicada is engineered to hyzer-flip, making it a versatile disc that can navigate different course layouts. However, with a smooth and controlled release, it will fly straight, offering precision and accuracy for your shots.

Fitting into Discraft’s Lineup

The Discraft Cicada appears to have found its place alongside the Discraft Stalker, thereby offering disc golfers a valuable addition to their lineup. Furthermore, its availability in Z plastic ensures durability, making it a disc that will withstand many rounds.

Continuing the Bug Theme

Furthermore, Discraft continues its tradition of naming discs after bugs with the Cicada. This naming convention adds character to their lineup and sparks interest among players and collectors alike. How many bug names (or bug themed) do they have at this point? Off the top of our heads: Wasp, Mantis, Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz, and the Buzzz. We’re sure there’s plenty more.