Disc Golf Tips for Beginners

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Disc golf is a wonderful sport. It is a lot of fun, there are a lot of aspects to the sport, which prevents it from becoming old. However, because of these aspects this sport can become quite daunting and difficult to undertake as a beginner. To name a few aspects, the stability levels, disc types, putting, driving, approach shots, brands, putting styles, backhand, forehand, flex shots, rollers, and there is probably still a lot of things out there that I hadn’t even listed. These disc golf tips for beginners are to help provide a roadmap to navigate this new world of disc golf.

Disc Golf Beginner Tips

There are 5 suggestions that I think will prove to be an excellent starting point for you. These disc golf tips for beginners will help you create a solid foundation to grow and increase your disc golf skills. Here are 5 tips to help you in your disc golf journey:

  • Find a mentor
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Learn proper form – remove the run up
  • Practice
  • Have fun

As I have said, these 5 disc golf tips will help you lay down a groundwork of which you will build your disc golf skills and understanding of its various concepts. Helping you to become an expert within Disc Golf. Before we get into the tips, I’ll suggest one final thing: accept that you’re a beginner and embrace that you don’t know disc golf. Doing so will help you to learn and improve in much faster.

Find a Mentor

If you’re like me, you do not want to sound like a noob, look like you don’t know what you’re doing, nor do you want to not know what you are doing. However, overcoming this and asking for help will accelerate your skills and understanding. A mentor will be able to provide tailored disc golf tips

A mentor can be anyone who knows more than you, it also doesn’t have to be the same person. This is going to be someone who knows more about disc golf than you, willing to provide advice, and is helpful.

Your mentor doesn’t even have to be someone that you see in-person. You could find a trusted source of information, someone in an online forum, or even watching some videos. Getting this information will help you to learn the concepts and skills necessary to really excel in disc golf. General advice is a good starting point; however, it will be best if you can get tailored advice to you.

There are a few ways in which you can obtain personalized tips. Having someone in person who plays with you, or that can watch you and provide suggestions. Or you can find some venue in which you can post videos of yourself throwing or post questions on here. There are a lot of these venues on the internet. If you would like, you may even post questions in the comments below and we’ll be sure to take care of you.

Key take-away here; personalized advice is always better than general advice, find somewhere/someone who can provide it, and take it regularly.

Watch YouTube Videos 

I love watching videos on YouTube. These videos have been a great source of information for me, they teach me a lot! And there are a lot of different types of videos, there are informational and instructional. I really enjoy the informational videos, as they help me to understand concepts and even when to use certain shots.  There are also loads of reviews of all the disc golf goods on YouTube. This is a great way to figure out if a certain disc is a good disc for you.

One channel that provides a great amount of tips is Infinite Discs and Dynamic Discs

Learn Proper Form

Proper form is probably the best thing to do at this moment. Learning how to throw properly will be so easy when you don’t a habit set in place. With this said, throwing is quite personal, and not everyone’s throw will look the same. But the fundamentals will be similar enough.

For a back hand throw, I like to think of my body acting like a catapult. My body is the arm of the catapult while my arm is the like the rope that holds onto the boulder. And my shoulder is the pivot point.

Throwing a side arm, is very different. The best way I can describe how to throw a side arm is to look at how a baseball player throws a side arm. It’s the same motion and same mechanics in play. The only difference between the two is how the hand is position.


The next best thing to do is to practice. Practice a lot! Playing disc golf is a lot of fun. Shaping lines to go through the woods, or draining those long putts, it’s just a great feeling to watch the disc flying through the air. Practicing is boring though. You’re throwing into a field, sometimes you’re practicing your form while other times you’re working for a specific flight. Either way, doing the same thing over and over gets tiring and isn’t always the most fun.

However, this is what separates the good players from the bad players. So, if you have the goal to get good, you’ve got to spend the time practicing every throw, every angle. Learning what your discs do, which discs are best for you, and learning how to replicate everything. I always have the thought that pros are highly consistent. Practice develops the consistency, they step up to throw something, and they’ve already thrown hundreds, maybe even thousands of times, so they have a solid idea of what is going to happen.

So practice putting, approach shots, scramble throws, rollers, forehands, backhands, flex shots, big turnovers, hyzer-flips, all the different ways to throw. In so doing, your game will become incredible.

Have Fun

The most important thing to do above all else is have fun. This is a sport, and sports are there to bring in a little competition and spice into our life. Competitions are meant to be fun, a way to bring balance into our life and take a break and moment to reset. Don’t forget that disc golf is about having fun out there, enjoying the time with your friends. And I get it, it sucks and it is difficult to have fun when you’re not playing as well as you would like. It happens, just focus on what is good (this is much easier to say than to do, unfortunately).

I think that this disc golf beginner tip is one of the best tips that I can offer.

Final Thoughts on Disc Golf Tips for Beginners

There are a multiplicity of disc golf tips out there, some of which will be great for you, while others won’t be all that great for you. Hopefully, these will provide a good place to start your journey to improve your skills, and to become a better disc golfer.

Here is a bonus tip for you; never stop asking questions. Even if it is a simple verification question.

Concluding Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Hopefully these 5 disc golf tips for beginners helps you know where to start improving your disc golf game. Also, I hope that the rest of your day goes well. And, if you have any questions, leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to provide an answer. Until then, keep throwing that plastic and getting those rounds in. And if you need help understanding how to keep score, check out this article: Disc Golf Scoring Explanation for Beginners