Disc Golf Putting Tips

disc golf putting tips

Last updated on April 15th, 2024 at 12:22 pm

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It is said that Disc Golf putting is one of the most essential skills to learn in disc golf. Learning this skill is important, it provides a great foundation every player needs in getting better in this sport. Meaning, to get into the next level, you will need to develop your putting skills first.

In this article, we provide several disc golf putting tips and tricks to help you enhance your disc golf game. The information we present are some of the many things you can do to improve your putting skills and make you stand out in a disc golf game.

Tips and Tricks to Help Improve Your Disc Golf Putting Skills

A lot of new disc golf players think that putting is very easy. But actually, putting is more complicated than it looks. It is not just throwing the disc into the basket and proceeding to the next whole. There are so many things that will prevent you from putting well.

To be a better putter, we have provided these tips below to help you become a better putter and eventually improve your overall disc golf skills. Please see the list below.

Develop a Nice Putting Routine

Different disc golfers practice their putting differently. The situation is that we always make the shots during practice, but in an actual round, we often lose it and miss. One of the best things that you can do so that your putting skills translate to the disc golf course is to develop a repeatable putting routine.

A good routine is simple, repeatable, and is something that you can put on autopilot. Once you are in an actual competitive round, you will know exactly what to do when you putt. You will also feel that the actual putt is the same as your practice putts.

What you want to do in developing a routine is to feel that everything is the same whether you are practicing or playing in a round.

Establishing a Consistent Grip

Having a bad grip on a putter can lead to failure when putting. What you do is to develop and establish a consistent grip that feels good to you. You want to make sure that the grip is the same every time.

For example, I always make sure that my first knuckle is on the bead to ensure that the two middle fingers are on the flight plate. I also make sure that the pinky is situated nicely on the disc’s rim. This style of mine has been my way of grabbing the disc to provide a consistent grip, and it has been this way ever since. There are so many grip styles, but the most important thing is to establish something that feels comfortable to you.

Developing Your Own Putting Style

tips and tricks to help improve your putting skills

I used to copy or mimic the putting styles of those famous professional disc golfers. I’ve tried different styles until I developed my own style, which makes me comfortable. The style is my own, but it was influenced by all those styles I copied over the years.

Whatever you do in developing your putting style, there should be a time to commit to one form where you commit to it while repeating it as many times as possible. Doing this action will eventually develop your putting style.

Commitment is Key

Giving a full commitment to your putting can make a world of difference. What does it mean? When you putt, you need to commit to what you will do. Commit to your follow-through; make sure you reach out for the basket. Committing to your putt will surprise you with how often the disc will stay in the basket rather than cut through or spit back out.

Practice, Practice, and Always Practice

Another important aspect in developing your putting skills is constant practice. Doing consistent practice will let you watch your putter go straight to the basket a hundred or thousand times. The more you do this, the more you will feel comfortable when under pressure.

It is a nice feeling when you successfully make your putts in an actual game feels normal because you have experienced it before in your practice. This awesome feeling is what you want to feel, practicing is an essential part of developing your putting skill.

Using your Whole Body

Using your whole body is also important if you want a successful putt. The style, the grip, and the other things you need are important, but the whole body is equally important. Your whole body contributes to the motion and repeatability of a successful putt.

The way you use your whole body in a throw will make or break the success of your putt. You must understand the details of the role of your feet, your hands, your hips, and all the essential parts to help you do the proper putt. The feet provide a good grounding, and a place to begin the putting motion and energy needed. While the hips help you to align and provide consistent accuracy; all the while helping to transfer the energy to your putter. And the upper body transfers the energy to the putter. Think of it as a flow from the ground through your body into the putter.

It is All About Being Confident

Confidence is all about believing that you can do it despite the odds. And this situation is the same when throwing a putt. Being confident in the disc golf course will bring many benefits and produce the desired results.

If you believe that you can make it, you eventually will make your putts consistently. You must carry yourself confidently before throwing the disc. I tell you, doing this action will produce better results and will transform the way you putt in your rounds.


There are many disc golf putting tips you can follow to help improve your putting skills to eventually develop your overall disc golf game. The key is to commit yourself to improve, and that is a great way to start enhancing your disc golf skills.