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Innova Boss vs Innova Destroyer vs Innova Wraith

innova boss vs innova destroyer vs innova wraith

In the world of disc golf, many factors determine the player’s success – their skills, their strength, and the disc they use. And when it comes to discs, few brands are as good as Innova. Today, I will discuss and compare three of Innova’s distance drivers. I will break down their features to see which […]

Fairway Driver vs. Distance Driver

fairway driver vs distance driver

For disc golfers who are just starting the sport, it is highly recommended to try slower discs, particularly the putters and midranges. This step is to get you acquainted with using and throwing the disc properly and establish a throwing technique that fits your style. But, if you think that you already gained some experience, […]

Discmania MD3 vs MD4 vs MD5: Examining the Improvements

discmania md3 vs md4 vs md5

Sometimes, a disc golf brand creates a disc mold that flies so well and which many players love. The disc golf brand then tries to improve on that original design to get more players to buy from them. Sometimes, the “improvements” don’t work, and sometimes they do. What’s the case with Discmania’s numbered MD discs? […]