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What are Mini Disc Golf Discs Used For – A Thorough Guide

what are mini disc golf discs used for

There are a lot of things disc golfers have to understand. Aside from the rules and gameplay of the sport, they have to understand techniques, equipment, terminology, and flight patterns. Just covering the difference of discs and their ratings and their types and their plastics can overwhelm a newbie. When I observed a few players […]

The Best Tomahawk Discs for 2023

best tomahawk disc

When playing disc golf, it is normal that you will encounter challenges such as obstacles, corridors, and other hazards on the field. This type of situation needs a throw such as a “tomahawk” or “thumber” and the best tomahawk disc or best thumber disc. Learning and familiarizing oneself with the tomahawk shot provides the accuracy […]

The Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners in 2023

best disc golf disc for beginners

Beginners can enhance their disc golf game by starting with the best discs for practice and actual games, alongside gaining essential knowledge and skills. Combining the right equipment with determination to learn and improve is essential for steady progress. This review showcases 8 top disc golf discs for beginners, suitable for those new to the […]

2022 Ideas for Disc Golf Christmas Gifts

Its pretty exciting that the holidays are just around the corner. Hopefully the Holidays brings time to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. Additionally, it is also a time of giving gifts. Within this blog we will detail some disc golf Christmas gifts which you can give to your favorite disc golfer. The […]

Bead vs Beadless Putter

This post is going to cover the physical attribute of a bead vs beadless putter. Lately we have covered a lot of comparisons, we’ve compared aspects of flight, types of discs, to name a few. Our most recent comparison was that of a midrange vs a fairway driver. Be sure to check those out if […]