Galaxy Disc Golf

Galaxy Disc Golf started in 2015 with the purpose to make affordable and quality discs for all. These budget discs were designed to meet the durability and performance needed within disc golf. Their journey and goal has lead them to provide some excellent beginner friendly discs. And to create well performing discs that can have a spot in anyone’s bag. This is one of the most affordable brands on the market today.

Check out one of their starter sets for the best price and to try out Galaxy’s different molds. You’ll find the best prices for Galaxy Disc Golf equipment right here on Discount Disc Golf.

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Galaxy Disc Golf Plastics

There are two plastic blends that Galaxy Disc Golf offers:

E Plastic

E Plastic is a base plastic that offers a great grip. It also has a soft, flexible feel to it. Making this a great putter plastic or an entry-level plastic.

C Plastic

C Plastic is a premium plastic that is opaque, strong, and grippy. This is a durable and somewhat flexible plastic blend. Providing a comfortable plastic that can withstand the impacts of disc golf without too much change in the disc's flight path.
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