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Birdie Marvel Putter

Last updated on July 8th, 2024 at 05:24 pm

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This week, we’re soaring with excitement to feature Birdie Disc Golf as our brand of the week. Why? Because this week, you can snag the Birdie Marvel at a whopping 50% off, plus enjoy a sale on all the Birdie discs we stock. It’s a deal that’s sure to put a smile on your face and an ace up your sleeve!

Birdie Disc Golf is not just any brand; it’s a unique blend of craftsmanship from a variety of top-notch disc golf manufacturers, all proudly united under the Birdie banner. And here’s the cherry on top: all Birdie discs are made right here in the good ol’ USA. Currently, Birdie boasts a quality lineup of four discs—a putter, midrange, fairway driver, and distance driver—each crafted to perfection.

Birdie discs are not the cheapest brand of discs on the market, and they have strict MAP pricing so we can’t offer them at a lower price, but you can be assured that you will get the best deal on Birdie Discs here at Discount Disc Golf.

Let’s dive into their disc lineup:

Marvel Putter: The Marvel is Birdie’s debut disc, manufactured by EV-7 in Georgia, a company renowned for its precision putters. True to its name, the Marvel is a marvelous, straight-flying putter with a stable flight path, perfect for both spin and push putts. It’s versatile enough to handle both putting duties and approach shots, making it a true superhero on the green.

Ultra Midrange: The Ultra Midrange is the reliable sidekick you need for those windy days and powerful throws. Overstable and ultra-consistent, this midrange is akin to the Legacy Badger. It’s designed to fight the fiercest winds and cater to high-power players who demand precision and stability in their game.

Strike Fairway Driver: For the advanced disc golfers out there, the Strike Fairway Driver is your go-to. Inspired by the legendary TeeBird, this disc offers a steady, reliable flight path with a moderate speed. It’s similar to the Legacy Rival and is perfect for those controlled, accurate throws that need just the right amount of finesse and stability.

Reach Distance Driver: When distance is your game, the Reach Driver is your disc. Designed to emulate the flight of an Innova Destroyer and similar to the Legacy Outlaw, this driver is all about reaching maximum distance with power and control. Whether you’re looking to conquer vast fairways or clear long obstacles, the Reach has got you covered.

Birdie Disc Golf may be a small brand, but it’s packed with personality and quality. This week is the perfect time to explore Birdie discs, thanks to our special discounts. So, grab a Birdie disc, hit the course, and let your game take flight. Remember, a birdie in hand is worth more than just a few strokes off your score!

Fly high with Birdie and seize these amazing deals while they last!