The Best Tomahawk Discs for 2023

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When playing disc golf, it is normal that you will encounter challenges such as obstacles, corridors, and other hazards on the field. This type of situation needs a throw such as a “tomahawk” or “thumber” and the best tomahawk disc or best thumber disc. Learning and familiarizing oneself with the tomahawk shot provides the accuracy and reliability required in these types of situations.

In this review, we will present the top disc that we believe best suits the tomahawk throw. Our experienced disc golf players have field-tested all of the discs to determine the right one for the tomahawk.

The products we present are our recommendations in terms of helping all players in improving their tomahawk skills.

Best Tomahawk Disc Reviews

1. Infinite Discs Scepter

If you are an up-and-coming or intermediate disc golfer and wants to develop your tomahawk skill, then the Scepter disc is the right disc for you on the field. I consider this as the best disc for tomahawk throw because of its overstability and superior speed. The best thing about this disc is you will know how it will finish every time you throw it regardless of the conditions and the hazards on the field.

Rated 9 Speed, 4 Glide, 0 Turn, and 4 Fade, this disc excels in tomahawk shots, handling overhand throws up to 300 feet with precision and deftly navigating obstacles, including executing precise corner skips.

Furthermore, this is one of the most comfortable, predictable, and overstable discs that you can use. Ideal for overhand thumbers and tomahawks, it navigates narrow gaps predictably with its tomahawk’s S-curve. You’ll need a strong grip to harness its full potential, so focus on maximizing your power.

In terms of its physical features, you will expect a comfortable disc both with your backhand and forehand. You will see a not-so-deep disc and the rim is not that wide. It will fit your forehand grip perfectly and is also comfortable with the backhand grip. The disc is made with super durable hi-tech plastic which provides durability and longevity to the disc. It provides a very nice feel and the color is visible which means it is easy to find if lost in the woods.

Perhaps the only downside I see in this disc is that it is a utility disc, you really only use it in situations that you need a hard hook or a tomahawk type throw – a scramble shot.

  • A most popular upwind distance driver
  • Combines speed and stability
  • Adds versatility in your game
  • Ability to battle and skip the wind
  • Consistent and reliable to any conditions
  • Limited use to scramble type throws

2. MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla

mvp disc sports neutron tesla

This distance driver from MVP takes pride in having a reliable fade, pronounced glide, and the unique forward finish to add an extra distance to your throw. Thus, making it one of the best tomahawk disc golf disc you can have in the bag. I should say that this is a must-have disc because it’s super accurate, straight, and is easy to throw particularly with the tomahawk.

I favor the Tesla for its impressive glide and strong overstable characteristics, making it an ideal disc for tomahawks. It’s a reliable choice when you require consistent skips in challenging situations. An overhand shot like the thumbers or the tomahawk should do it for you and save your game. Also, this disc should be the go-to overstable control driver that you can put in the bag.

The Tesla provides the ideal disc golf tomahawk flight path with its resistance to turning, making it the best stable option for tomahawk throws. It provides pinpoint accuracy, reliable fade, and can handle the wind. If you have the required arm speed, I will highly recommend this to be a staple in your bag.

Physically, this disc is made with premium plastic which provides the best look and comfortable feel in the hands. It also offers durability features and is perfectly flat with a little bit of a smaller rim. Also, I like the disc’s unique bright colors which are easy to spot especially if you have lost your disc in the woods.

The only issue I have with this disc is its ability to get slick easily. When minimal moisture hit this disc, it will cause some gripping issues that might affect your throw.

  • Best for long-range pinpoint accuracy
  • Workable turn resistance
  • Provides the fast stable option
  • Made with premium material to promote an excellent look and comfortable feel
  • Durable and last longer
  • It gets slick easily

3. Latitude 64 Opto Sapphire

innova disc golf champion firebird

This disc, ideal for newcomers looking to improve their tomahawk skills, is lightweight, easy to grip, and offers excellent control. It’s especially suitable for those with smaller hands or lower arm speeds, making it one of the top choices for thumbers and tomahawks.

I was impressed with the Sapphire’s stability, providing added speed and distance. It’s ideal for overhand shots like the tomahawk due to its slim profile, ensuring a smooth release and shot control. Anyone who wants a fast controllable driver can have this disc in the bag.

The glide on this disc truly impressed me as it moves continuously and effortlessly to achieve the distance I desire. The flight path is so wide and flexy that it should work best on fields with long open holes. With its excellent flight path and user-friendly nature, it’ll definitely add extra distance compared to your other drivers, making it a great choice for weaker throwers aiming to maximize their distance.

In terms of this disc’s profile, the Sapphire comes with a little bit of a dome which is normal for a fairway driver. The rim, meanwhile, is not that big which makes this an easy-to-throw disc. People with smaller hands can afford to hold it comfortably and grip the rim well. It is made with one of the most durable plastics, I can say that this disc has some natural and shimmering effects on its appearance. Makes it look really good as well as a solid disc for a tomahawk.

The only downside I see in this disc is its ability to handle the wind. Since it’s lighter compared to other discs, it will not give you an advantage in windy conditions.

  • A beginner-friendly control distance driver
  • Light, fast, and easy to grip
  • Provides additional stability and extra speed
  • Provides smooth releases especially to smaller hands
  • Made with one of the most durable plastics
  • Does not do well in windy conditions

4. INNOVA Ricky Wysocki Star Destroyer

latitude 64 opto sapphire

Just like the other best tomahawk disc golf disc, the Destroyer is an overstable disc that gives the player the ability to provide a nice glide and additional distance in the throw. This disc is one of the top-selling discs that is commonly used by professional players. Because of its popularity, the disc already features 2 times world champion Ricky Wysocki with the “sockibot” stamp in it. I can say that if you are an intermediate player who wants to up your driving skills, then this disc should be in your bag immediately.

Since this is a popular disc, for sure I have used it before and was truly impressed with how it can help in achieving maximum distance. The disc got an extra-strong fade at the end of its flight path. Throwing huge flex shots will also get you a good distance, achieving a hundred feet easily. The impressive glide on this disc will also help in making the disc go further on a hyzer line. The grippiness and durability of the disc will complement the power being used to achieve the best distance you want.

Meanwhile, a lot of disc golfers, professional or intermediate players alike, considered this disc as a go-to distance driver. It will give the player more controlled shots such as the tomahawk, especially on fields with long holes because the fade of this disc can be trusted. It also flexes perfectly while fighting the wind on any given windy day. I highly recommend this disc if you want a distance driver that allows you to throw controllable shots.

In terms of its physical properties, this disc is made with premium Innova plastic blends. This plastic has been proven to provide a better grip and durability to the disc. The stamp is impressive and it comes in a variety of plastics. This means that this is highly-visible and is easy to spot once lost in the woods.

The only downside I see in the disc is this is not made for a complete rookie. If you are new, I would suggest that you find other discs for practice and improve your skills.

  • Ability to handle headwinds
  • A fast stable long-distance driver
  • Provide incredible glide and distance
  • Provide a strong fade in its flight path
  • Made with premium plastic
  • Not suggested for beginners

5. Axiom Disc Sports Neutron Crave

axiom disc sports neutron crave

The Crave as it is commonly called is considered the first distance driver in the Axiom line of Discs. For me, this is one of the best disc golf discs for a tomahawk throw because of its straight flight characteristics and the long forward fade, typical for any tomahawk disc. You can never go wrong with this disc as it flies straight with a slight fade while achieving great distance towards the end of the flight.

I was also impressed with how this tomahawk disc can be used to navigate and fit with tight corridors. With a flat release, you can achieve an S-turn, perfect for navigating tight corridors up to 300 feet. Alternatively, a well-executed tomahawk can cover about 250 feet, offering both precision and flip in an overhand throw.

I can say that this is one of the most versatile discs that you can own and have in the bag. You can use your full power or tone it down a little bit with any type of line and this disc should still hold the majority of its flight. If you are at a standstill, you can still achieve around 300 feet while on the drive, achieving 340 feet is achievable. For me, this is a game-changer of a disc due to its versatility and stable flight.

The disc is made with a premium polymer blend which is the reason why it has a unique look in it. The plastic also offers excellent durability and should last longer compared to other discs. The rim is hard plastic while the main disc has soft plastic in it. I feel that this is a great combination in terms of comfort and providing a better grip to the player.

The only issue I see in this disc is when playing out in the cold. The disc might get too slippery which might affect your grip and possibly your shot.

  • Provides straight controllable flight path
  • Promotes comfortable feel in the hands
  • Lots of bright color options
  • With long forward fade and straight flight
  • Made with premium material to provide a nice look and feel
  • Gets slippery when playing in the cold

6. Discraft Buzzz ESP

discraft buzzz esp

A lot of disc golfer say that this particular disc from Discraft is one of the best midranges out there. I certainly agree, but this disc can also be used for another useful shot, the tomahawk. I feel like this is one of the best tomahawk disc golf disks due to its reliability and consistency. This disc is so consistent that it will perform what exactly you want it to do which are the qualities of a good tomahawk disc.

To say the least, this disc is an all-around disc that flies super straight. The disc can either be used on backhands and forehands and those different shots such as hyzers, flat, and of course overhand shots. Using a thumber or a tomahawk, you can also use this disc to slice and dice through the woods. This disc can glide nicely while providing a soft finish before hitting the ground.

Another thing that impresses me about the disc is the way it flies smoothly and can be trusted in different game situations. During the flight, it will stay nice and straight then reliably fades toward the end of the flight. The disc is also versatile enough that it will allow you to throw more distance using different types of shots like the overhand among others. It’s one of the most popular discs in disc golf and the reason is obvious: its so versatile.

In terms of its physical features, I love how it feels in the hand. It is made with advanced polymer plastic that, according to experts, will last forever. This disc is one of the most durable discs you can use while also providing a great grip for the best comfort that you can feel when throwing the discs.

The only issue I have with this disc is the inability to choose color upon purchase. Do not expect a color of your choice to arrive once you ordered although you can probably contact Discraft if you want a color of your choice.

  • Provides consistency, stability, and reliability
  • Ability to hold the line even with powerful throws
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Ability to handle tight gaps and wood play
  • Made with advanced polymer plastic
  • Inability to choose colors upon purchase

7. Dynamic Disc Lucid Felon

dynamic disc lucid felon

The Felon is a very overstable fairway driver which makes it a perfect disc for the tomahawk. This disc takes pride in the ability to withstand the difficult challenges of a windy field thus making it the fairway wind-fighting driver. Despite the windy conditions, once you throw it in the air, it will just continue to sail without even turning over fighting the effect of the headwind. The absence of the wind on the field can also make this disc useful for a predictable hyzer finish.

For me, this is one of the most impressive fairway discs that you can find. A great for backhands as well as the forehands, this can also be one of the best discs for hammer throw which shows the disc’s versatility. The disc will give you the ability to have massive skips using different types of shots such as the tomahawk or thumber. I will not be surprised if it will be your most thrown disc because it can be used on different types of shots.

If you are facing a low ceiling shot, you can always depend on this disc with its strong glide and predictable finish towards the end of the flight. Also, this is a fast fairway driver that can take all the power on the shots while still holding the line and still fading during the flight despite the windy condition. This is how special this disc from Dynamic Disc is that this should be in your bag immediately.

Meanwhile, the Felon is made with polymer plastic which is considered to be one of the most durable plastic in disc golf. This disc can take a beating even with the difficult condition on the field and still maintain the quality of its flight. It also provides comfort and better grip to give the players the much-needed confidence before he will take the shot.

The only downside I see in this product is that this disc is not for beginners or those who are just starting to learn the sport. This was made for players who already have advanced skills in disc golf.

  • Overstable fairway driver
  • Wind-fighting fairway driver
  • Provides good glide and strong finish
  • Holds a straight line very well while providing a good distance
  • Made with premium plastic
  • Not for beginners

8. Innova Disc Golf Champion Vulcan

innova disc golf champion vulcan

The Vulcan is known for its speed and is one of the high-speed distance drivers that you can put in your bag. This disc will just fly all over the field and gives you the maximum distance you need. Many players consider this disc one of the most aerodynamic within PDGA guidelines, with the potential to break current distance records, eagerly awaiting its performance.

Since the disc was designed to cater to less powerful players, it suits intermediate players looking to achieve their farthest distance ever. This disc also offers versatility by being available in lower weights, intended for longer shots. Is it good to tomahawk? Yes, it is because it always provides stability during the flight which is needed in tomahawk shots.

If you want a good distance in this disc, you need to throw this perfectly. You also need to find consistency in it since it is an understable disc and may not be forgiving on difficult angles and corners. It will also be good for you if you use it with straight and long-distance shots. Also, this disc is great for backhand provided that you are familiar with the disc’s flight and should be able to release it right to have the best results of your throw.

In terms of its physical features, the disc is made with ultra-durable hi-tech plastic. It provides longevity and better performance on the field. The only issue I have with the disc is that the flight plate has a ridge which makes it uncomfortable in the hands. This is an issue that should be addressed because it can affect the quality of the throw.

  • High-speed distance driver
  • Designed for less powerful players
  • On e of the lightest and longest distance drivers
  • Made with high-tech plastic
  • Provides durability and longevity
  • Uncomfortable in the hands

Common Fact to Understand Before Choosing

best disc for hammer throw

It is a fact that a player can utilize and throw any type of disc for a tomahawk. However, the result of the throw varies depending on the release particularly the speed, angle, and of course the wind. Another thing is your objective for throwing the tomahawk and how you want it to fly and the distance you want to achieve.

If you want to learn the throw, I would suggest that you should throw your disc first as thumbers. But what is the difference between the two?

Tomahawk and thumbers are overhand throws, but the difference lies in how we grip the discs in our hands. The thumber is when we put our thumb on the rim of the disc and for tomahawk, we use our fingers on the rim, similar to a sidearm form but throwing the disc above the head.

When throwing a tomahawk, height and velocity will play a major factor in giving you the desired distance. Please note, however, that disc golfers generally use overhand throws as a utility throw rather than for gaining distance. Disc golfers often employ this shot to clear an obstacle and reach a target directly behind it.

So, throwing the tomahawk does not mean that you apply power as much as you can but make sure that the disc comes out at a good height angle in order not to stall but push forward while the disc is panning out during the flight. The most important thing is for the player to understand the flight patterns in this type of throws.

Another fact that you should consider is that different players have different grips in throwing the discs. For me, I usually use 2 fingers along the rim for tomahawks while for thumbers, I put my thumb in the rim while making a fist form.

Lastly, in throwing tomahawks, the release angle will all depend on your intended flight and your objective. But always remember that the closer to vertical the disc is, the longer it will take in turning and panning out.

How to Choose Tomahawk Disc

best disc for tomahawk throw

When selecting a tomahawk disc, consider two factors influencing its flight and two external factors impacting the throw’s outcome.


To understand stability’s impact on a disc, bring your most understable and overstable drivers. Then try to release each disc with different angles for you to see how it does. If you try to observe, an understandable disc will usually turn over a lot more quickly while also having more glide in it depending on the objective of the shot you are making.

When throwing a tomahawk at different angles of release, it can produce different types of results depending on the other factors such as the wind and height of the throw.

Meanwhile, the more stable disc, the quicker it is to pan out. Which generally means it will spike into the ground landing more on its edge than on the face plate.

The reason behind it is that an overstable disc usually performs a quicker helix during the flight and ends up more vertical to the ground. This generally result in shorter time spent horizontal to the ground and less distance traveled.

Also, the more overstable the disc is, the more straight up and down it will hit the ground. Less stable discs flip and land flat with similar strength, while overstable ones swiftly move right to left, and understable discs do it more gradually.

To sum up, more stability results in shorter distances when matched with overhand arm speed, whereas a mismatch leads to an incomplete flight, causing the disc to veer right, fade left, and possibly spike into the ground.

My personal choice is to carry and put 3 overhand discs in the bag. One stable, one overstable, and one understable disc will give you different options for different shots just like the backhand.


While sharing with equal importance, two things affect how far the tomahawk will go, the disc speed and the rate the disc pans or flips. Please take note that the speed of the disc more or less correlates to the speed the disc flips at. Lower speed disc usually flips a little bit slower compared to higher speed disc.

In my years of playing disc golf, I have found out that high-speed drivers will flip more rapidly compared to fairway drivers. This means that the farthest overhand shots will come using overstable fairway drivers and not high-speed drivers.

The farthest world record in a speed: a 7 disc Opto XXX. This disc is very stable and comes with a lower speed which means it will pan very slowly and has more time to glide. On the other hand, higher speed disc will complete their flip much more quickly and then die in the ground.

Type of Tomahawk Shot

If you want to include the tomahawk shot in your arsenal, there are three types of this shot that you must know and learn:

The Putter Tomahawk

Disc golfers use these shots rarely and typically employ them as an escape when facing a large bush directly in front of them, covering less than 300 feet.

The Controlled Accurate High-Speed Accurate Driver Tomahawk

You should use this tomahawk shot from 230 to 310 feet.

The Long Panning Fairway Driver Shot

Most tomahawk throwers consider this their bread and butter, using it from 300 to 400 feet. The driver’s rapid flipping results in a point-and-shoot disc, allowing you to throw it directly at the basket. The only downside with this type of shot is it quickly flips thus cutting the distance on the flight.

Of course, the distance that I mentioned on the different types of tomahawk shots is just my estimate and personal numbers. Other players may have different distances covered. The tomahawk shot is kinda similar to a putter shot in terms of its need in aiming left of the target. The upside of this shot is that there are more chances of getting a much farther distance.

So what are the discs to use for tomahawk shots? My preference discs for tomahawk are the following: Stable Putter, Mildly Flippy HighSpeed Driver and Stable as Possible Fairway

Always remember that disc stability is subjective, varying based on a player’s arm speed. Experiment with various discs to observe their flight characteristics and choose your favorites wisely.


The wind will not affect the tomahawk shot as much as it will the other shots. In a tomahawk shot, a lighter disc flies higher, not farther, as there are no vertical lift considerations, resulting in a more projectile-like flight vulnerable to wind pushing due to its broad side exposure.

Generally, the disc with heavier weight will be less affected by the wind. Meanwhile, the lower weight disc will go higher and will be more affected by the wind.


Learning the tomahawk will be good throwing style to improve your skill as a disc golfer. And choosing the best tomahawk disc will be the first step in learning the skill. Practicing with the right disc can quickly enhance your tomahawk skills in challenging course situations and during games.