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When you play disc golf, you need to have a lot of variety in terms of your skills and forms. This is the same when throwing the disc, as you will need different types of shots in specific game situations. Throwing the disc does not always need a backhand shot. Sometimes, you will need the best forehand discs and a forehand throw to get the best result on the field. Knowing forehand throws also means upgrading your skills as a disc golf player – which is important.

In this review, we feature 8 of the top forehand discs available today. All of these products have been tested and have successfully passed our criteria. The team also asked our disc golfer friends to provide us different information with regards to the discs we are reviewing. We hope that all of this can help all disc golfers in choosing the right forehand disc that can be used in the game.

Best Forehand Disc Reviews

Products Comparison Table

Disc Name Flight Rating Disc Type Suitable For
Prodigy P Model S Speed: 3 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2 Putt & Approach All Skill Levels
Infinite Discs Chariot Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Midrange All Skill Levels
Yikun Shu Speed: 4 Glide: 5 Turn: -2  Fade: 1 Midrange Beginner/Intermediate
RPM Ruru Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Putt & Approach All Skill Levels
Yikun FU Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2 Control Driver All Skill Levels
Divergent Discs Alpas Speed: 4 Glide: 4 Turn: -2 Fade: 1 Putt & Approach All Skill Levels
X-Com Zion Speed: 10 Glide: 4 Turn: -2 Fade: 1 Distance Driver Beginner/Intermediate
Prodigy D Model US Speed: 12 Glide: 6 Turn: -4 Fade: 1 Distance Driver Intermediate/Advanced

1. Prodigy P Model S

When looking for the best forehand disc for beginners, some of the best options are the slower discs such as the putter or the midranges. And the P Model S is one of the best putt & approach discs that you can use on the field. This is an overstable midrange disc that is perfect for forehand throws and is also designed to provide a more stable flight to anyone who throws it.

One of the features that makes this disc is great for forehand throws are its physical features. It comes with a completely flat top that offers comfort in the hand, which is best suited for the forehand. Also, if you check the rim, you’ll find a well rounded and beaded rim. It provides a great grip which a player needs when throwing a forehand.

I also like the versatility of this disc when used on the field. This disc offers excellent glide and stability, making it perfect for any situation, be it open fields or woods. It’s one of the best putters for your bag, ideal for forehand throws.

I was also impressed by the neutrality and versatility of the disc during the flight. When thrown in windy conditions, its wide diameter will make it less dependable but its stability is enough to handle most minor breezy conditions. Also, when you need a reliable line when dealing in the woods, this disc is the best way to go. It will go straight and will have a reliable fade at the end of the flight.

The only possible issue that I found is that it has a beaded rim. For some people this may cause issues of discomfort. You can get this disc in a base plastic or in a premium plastic.

  • Provides stability on the flight
  • Ability to hold the line
  • Can be used as an effective upshot
  • It gives a long flight and a predictable fade with its high glide
  • Neutral and versatile disc
  • Beaded rim

2. Infinite Discs Chariot

When throwing forehands, you need to be comfortable and confident with the disc to achieve what you are looking for in the shot. With the Infinite Discs Chariot, it will provide a lot of rigidity and durability to any players even with those having a powerful and firm grip. It is one of the best forehand approach discs that you can use for easy and difficult approach shots going to the basket.

What impressed me with this disc, is its reliable flight, which works best on approach shots. Whether you will use a forehand throw or a backhand, it does not matter and you will get the type of shot that you want. It will bring a lot of consistent fades when thrown with full power.

Physically, you will enjoy throwing this disc forehand. I can say that this is one of the best disc golf discs for forehand throws that offers an unusual comfort to the hand. It will provides a comfy and grippy feel that will be perfect for players who are using the forehand for approached shots. Also, for players who use the backhand, this is a disc that will provide excellent control.

However, one minor issue is its availability. due to the disc shortage, it may be difficult to find the color and stamp option that you would prefer.

  • Best for tactical approached shots towards the basket
  • It has durability and rigidity to retain its shape
  • Comes with an overstable end fade
  • Firm and comfy to the hand
  • Gives a straight flight and a consistent fade towards the end
  • Not as many color options

3. Yikun Shu

The Shu is one of those midrange discs that are great for controlled turnover throws. For right-handed players who prefer throwing the backhand, this is the best disc for sidearm throws if you want it to fly straight or to the left. The ability to glide and turn during the flight makes this disc perfect for a newbie because it will give them the chance to control the shot and get the maximum distance they are looking for.

But what I like best about this disc is its ability to help players improved their forehand shots. I mean, if you have a weak forehand, I would suggest using the Shu and see for yourself what it will bring to your forehand skill. I have seen a lot of players increase their maximum distance with the forehand using this disc. The glide and the turn of this disc will help any player’s weak release velocity to improve and get more distance with the forehand throws.

If you are a beginner, this is the disc that can help in developing your throw. The glide and the turn will help keep the Shu in the flight so that it will fly straight on the course to get the best distance. If you develop your power as time goes on, this disc will also be good when used with hyzer flip shots. I am confident that you will achieve the best distance as it flies a straight line when thrown with a hyzer flip.

In terms of its physical features, I can say that this disc packs a lot of durability and hardness. With this physical aspect, the disc will enable the thrower to have a nice grip, especially when throwing a forehand. You will have a great control with the disc on its shots and can give the player enough confidence to achieve what he wants on the.

However, one minor issue I have with this disc is its availability. Due to shortages across all brands, and shipping delays, the disc options are limited. You can get a premium plastic and a base plastic at the moment.

  • Able to give control and distance to beginners
  • Provides superior grip and durability
  • Flies straight and steady during the flight
  • Has a lot of glide even at lower speeds
  • Easy and enjoyable to throw
  • Limited options

4. RPM Ruru

The Ruru is one of those putters that can be used for your forehand throws. It’s a top forehand putt & approach disc, offering stability, straight flight, and a gentle fade. Its unique small dome provides an exceptional grip for forehand throws. It provides comfort and neutrality to the flight to fit any player who will use it on the course.

A lot of players said that this disc is understable but for me, this is neutral when it comes to flying. The best thing about this disc is it will give you some versatility in throwing different lines on the course. I have used it for hyzerflips and straight shots with a soft fade at the end of the flight. Meanwhile, throwing it with anhyzer or slow turning shots will be a breeze but it also excels in jump putts and of course, the forehand shots. As I have been saying, this is one of the best discs for a forehand throw that must be in your bag.

The Ruru is one of the best putters that you can have. It provides extra stability when throwing straight shots without turning or fading towards the end of the flight. While the other disc is less stable, the Ruru is a different breed. It can be your go-to putter that will contribute and help to improve your game.

Physically, this disc is oozing with durability. It is made with some of the most durable plastics you can imagine. This disc was developed to withstand any level of punishment when using on the course. With its durability, expect this disc to serve you for a long time.

However, the same as the other discs we feature, the only problem with this disc is the lack of availability, limiting your choice of plastics.

  • Provides straight-flights with a gentle fade at the end
  • Made with durable plastics
  • Provides a comfortable grip and neutral flight
  • Ability to withstand severe punishment
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Lack of availability

5. Yikun FU

Yikun’s FU driver stands out as a versatile choice, offering pinpoint accuracy and impressive distance for sidearm players. It delivers straight lines with a reliable fade for your disc golf needs.

This disc is your go-to disc if you are looking for a utility driver, accuracy on fairway drives, and some flex shots. It is one of the most accurate and reliable fairway drivers and should be one of the best sidearm discs you can use. It combines nice speed, high glide, and a straight flight to provide accuracy and long flying features. This disc is good in dealing both upwind and downwind on the field.

I also like the versatility of this disc when thrown with on different types of lines. But I recommend this disc for any forehand throws such as hyzers, flat throws, and flex shots. The disc will give you a lot of straight flights and a reliable fade at the end of it. If you are a beginner, it will be overstable at the start but once you develop your skills and form, you will have better accuracy and distance when using this disc.

In terms of its physical features, I say that this disc feels great with either forehand or backhand. It is made with basic and premium plastic that provides a good comfort to the players. This is the one disc that you can use immediately and it’ll give you confidence and comfort when preparing for the throw.

Again, like a lot of discs, the availability is lower than it has been in the past, all thanks to the disc shortage.

  • Provides a straight line and steady fade at the end of the flight
  • Dependable all-around control driver
  • Gives pin-point accuracy and distance
  • Promotes reliability in a disc
  • Provides comfort to the hand
  • Lack of availability

6. Divergent Discs Alpas

The next disc, Divergent Discs Alpas, I am going to review is unique in its way. A forehand disc that takes pride in having a rubber-type material instead of a plastic like most discs. With the rubber material, you’ll find that this disc gives little to no ground play. Making it a great disc to use when you don’t want a skip, or trying to avoid some danger around the landing zone.

What I like about the Alpas is that it is slightly understable which makes it a perfect disc for a forehand throws. It also comes with a smooth flat top that helps the disc to have a comfortable in-hand-feel. The Alpas also offers consistent straight-flying properties when being. If you want a unique forehand disc in your bag, then the Alpas is a nice disc to have.

I will recommend the disc to new and experienced players. I also like the durability of the product as it is made with premium rubber which provides a firm-soft feel making quite the comfortable grip and feel.

Physically, this disc looks great and feels great in the hand. It provides a nice comfort to the player when preparing a forehand throw. The flat top and the rim provide an extra grip that is needed for a player to have confidence before the forehand throw.

However, one issue is that it is a shallower rim, which can be a little weird for some people.

  • Feels great and looks great
  • Made with durable rubber
  • Promotes straight and stable flight
  • Can be used for new and experienced players
  • Shallow rim

7. X-Com Zion

The Zion is best used when navigating through the woods or achieving some distance using hyzer flips. This is a distance driver that offers straight-flying properties and controllable lines of the flight. If you want an effortless glide with your forehand throw while having the ability to shape out shots with ease, then you should have this disc in your bag. It is one of the best distance drivers that you can use for your forehand throws.

I have personally tried this disc on the field and it’s more understable than the rating indicates. The disc can hold on to minor headwinds without much changing the flight pattern. It provides a confidence-boosting fade and can handle high-power sidearms for precise flight control.

In terms of versatility, this disc can be used on any type of throws. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with its flight path when in the air to maximize the results. You can throw a lot of hyzer flips and this disc can do the job with ease. You can also throw it flat and you can achieve the best distance you want. All in all, this disc will show enough speed to turn to flex but also has enough fade to make the flight more predictable.

In terms of its physical attributes, this disc is super comfortable in the hand but is not too flippy. It also provides a nice grip that will help the player when using forehand throws. The disc is also more domey in terms of shape but still provides comfort and a nice feel in the hands.

The only issue I have with this disc is that it only comes in a base plastic.

  • Ability to navigate on woods
  • Achieved distance using hyzer flips
  • Straight-flying driver
  • Promotes premium grip and durability
  • Provides amazing comfort and feel in the hands
  • Only comes in a base plastic

8. Prodigy D Model US

This is another disc from Prodigy that offers excellent glide, amazing accuracy, and a nice speed for a distance driver. Any player regardless of experience can achieve the great distance with this particular disc. I also like that this disc can be used with both backhand and forehand throws. Meanwhile, its stability will make this disc important, especially in difficult windy conditions.

If you are just learning the sport, this disc will fly straight with a hard fade at the end for you as a beginner. Whereas if it is thrown with a backhand, it is common for people to get greater distance than forehands. Throwing it with enough power, it will turn a little to the right and then fade left towards the end while achieving the maximum distance. For sure, you will have the best distance even if you are still new or have intermediate skills.

If you have a powerful arm, this disc excels in specific shots requiring less stability, providing easy throws and a satisfying flight with a reliable fade. In summary, it’s a great choice for maximizing distance as you refine your skills and form.

Physically, it feels great in the hand when throwing any type of shots particularly forehand throws. I like the size of the rim which adds comfort to the player while also giving a boost with its superior grip that is needed when throwing forehand.

However, the only issue I have with this disc is the inferior quality. Fortunately, you can get better plastics at Discount Disc Golf; one that will premium glow in the dark plastic and a premium plastic.

  • Provides accuracy, precision, and nice speed
  • Comes with stability which makes it perfect for windy conditions
  • Promotes comfort and good grip in the hands
  • Can be used for both forehand and backhand throws
  • Fast distance driver
  • Limited selection

How to Choose Forehand Disc

best forehand disc for beginners

When choosing a forehand disc, there are several factors that you want to consider. All of which tends to influence the type of disc that will suit a particular player. It will be best for you to know first the facts when choosing a forehand disc as well as its preferences and stability. A player must also learn how to spot a preferred disc in learning forehand throws. Read all the details below:

Facts to Know Before Choosing a Forehand Disc

It may come as a surprise, especially if you are new, but based on experience, every disc can serve as both a backhand and forehand disc. This applies to all discs, even if they have different plastic compositions or features. Players also assert that all discs work well for backhand throws, just as they do for forehand throws.

To make it simple, there is no such thing as a best forehand or backhand disc. Some discs are just more useful to different players in different conditions and game situations. What I can assure you, is that there is an overstable and understandable disc and that is a fact that we cannot deny. Throwing a forehand will not change the stability or flight of the disc if it is thrown correctly.

Forehand throws are much harder to release clean compared to backhand throws. Throwing forehand will also form a habit of turning and burning. However, learning to integrate forehand shots into your approach game is important before doing the long-distance forehand throws. It will be the best skill to learn covering different angles on shorter throws.


When I said earlier that every disc can be used as a forehand disc, that is true. When a certain player chooses a particular mold as his go-to forehand disc, it is because of a lot of factors. Some players prefer the disc’s stability for their forehand option but others also consider a disc that feels great in the hand.

I have seen a lot of players who are great at forehand throws usually prefer flat and shallow style discs. The reason? I feel that this type of disc is more suitable and compatible with most of the forehand grip styles.

In my years of experience playing the sport, I have found out that when throwing forehand, it is much better to use the shallower and flatter disc. A flat disc is much easier to grip which means it is much easier to use with forehand throws.

Also, the blunter the rim is, which means the shorter the roll. Meaning, disc drivers will roll further compared to putters. Meanwhile, heavier discs tend to roll through the grass a lot better than light discs. It will also roll further in any type of situation.


The more overstable the disc is, the higher propensity it has to fade out sooner – especially with less power. The more understable the disc is the more likely it is to fight against the fade and go in the opposite direction of its natural fade: RHBH or LHFH the natural fade is to the left and RHFH or LHBH the natural fade is to the right.

Also, it is much easier to throw more stable discs if a player has bad form compared to overstable discs where it will just dump.

The reason:

When throwing forehand, it does not apply a lot of spin to the disc compared to a backhand throw. The reason behind it is that forehand throws do not have the physical mechanism to stop the disc from coming out from the hand. The disc cannot pivot wildly in the hand and there are no finger pulps that will prevent the disc from popping out. This will result in a far lower speed spin which means that the disc being thrown will be more stable during the flight.

So, how do you balance this type of situation? Some players will rely on the more overstable discs to achieve the flight shape they are looking for. It is a lot easier to turn over an understandable disc due to the form flaws and players tend to use and throw an overstable disc to hide that.

Disc for Learning Forehand

Learning forehand throws is similar to learning a backhand. Once you learn to throw forehand, it will give you the option to throw around obstacles while having the disc naturally fade back to the right (RHBH or LHFH).

At first, it will be difficult for you, but once you figure it out, you will be able to throw forehand to any disc in your bag and get the best result. My advice is to start practicing with putters and mid ranges while learning how to throw around the opposite side of the obstacles.

I can still remember the very first time I went to the field with a lot of discs to learn and practice throwing forehand. It was really bad in terms of the result the first time around. However, the only disc that gave me hope was the overstable drivers as the others had flipped uncontrollably.

This is the reason why a lot of players are recommending overstable discs which are known for their predictability. However, when a player tries to use it right away, it will not produce a good result because they will not learn a good technique. It will encourage throwing an extreme anhyzer angle on every shot which will limit and cover the issues and form.

My Beginner’s Advice

If you want to learn how to throw the forehand the right way, I would suggest not starting with something overstable and distance driver disc. Instead, use a putter or a midrange as the disc for your learning and experimentation.

You can also consider your current distance and get comfortable with the slower discs to help you achieved the best form. You need to stick it out with what you know for you to have an idea of what the disc will do during the flight. Also, I usually prefer beads on my mid ranges for forehand throws.

At first, you will find the slower and neutral disc to be more unpredictable when you throw it with a poor form. This is because it will not fly correctly as you have expected. But once you learn how to deal with your release while having the best form, you will have the best foundation for consistent and reliable forehand throws. The key is to practice consistently while improving your form as time goes by.


Learning forehand throws with the best disc upgrades your skills and versatility, especially in situations requiring a forehand throw on the course, serving as a clear indicator of your improvement as a disc golf player. Do not stop learning and try to be the best that you can be as a disc golfer.