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Discover the Thrill of Disc Golf Auctions

At DiscountDiscGolf.com, we’re known for our super affordable prices and amazing deals. But if you love the thrill of an auction and the chance to snag great disc golf gear for even less, you need to check out our Disc Golf Auctions.

We host our Disc Golf Auctions on Ebay and the WhatNot platform, which creates an incredibly fun and dynamic atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to score high-quality disc golf gear at unbeatable prices. We’ve had discs go for as low as $1 each and portable disc golf baskets for as little as $40!

Each auction lasts several hours and features a vast selection of disc golf goods from all the most popular brands. We have everything from individual disc listings, three discs sets, to bulk lots. If you’re looking at the best way to get lots of discs for ultra cheap, instant live video auctions are the best way to do it.

WhatNot Disc Golf Auctions

WhatNot is an interactive platform that brings a unique, fast-paced auction experience to disc golf enthusiasts. During our livestream disc liquidation auctions, you can experience rapid-fire auctions that last only a few seconds, providing an adrenaline-pumping way to secure some amazing deals.

Here’s why you should join our Disc Golf Auctions on WhatNot:

  • Unbeatable Prices: Get top-quality discs and gear for incredibly low prices.
  • Exciting Atmosphere: Enjoy the thrill of live auctions with a vibrant community of disc golf fans.
  • Wide Selection: Choose from a huge variety of disc golf products from leading brands. THis includes everything from liquidation sales to collectible gems.
  • Exclusive Giveaways: At the end of every auction, we feature a big giveaway where only those who win bids throughout the auction have a chance to win even more amazing prizes.

How to Join Our Disc Golf Auctions

If you haven’t tried WhatNot yet, now is the perfect time! Use this link to join and get a $15 credit towards your first auction (that’s like 5 discs if you do it right). Follow us on social media and WhatNot to stay updated on our upcoming auctions and special events.

Get $15 gift card to spend at your first disc golf auction.

How often do you hold live auctions?

We hold several different disc golf auctions each month. For now the days and times of day will vary until we can figure out what works best for all of our fans and customers.

Don’t miss out on the fun and the fantastic deals. Join us at our next Disc Golf Auction on WhatNot and stock up on your favorite disc golf gear without breaking the bank.

Explore More Deals with Our eBay Bulk Lots

In addition to our exciting live video auctions on WhatNot, we also offer a wide variety of bulk lots on eBay. These auctions are perfect for those looking to expand their disc golf collection with great deals that like a little more time to think about and process the items they are bidding on.

Our eBay auctions primarily consist of bulk lots, featuring a diverse selection of discs. With low reserves, these auctions provide an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality discs at unbeatable prices. We regularly add new lots each month, ensuring there’s always something new for you to discover.

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals! Check out our current eBay auctions and find your next favorite discs at amazing prices.

Happy bidding!